5 Tips For Hiring As A Startup

As your business grows and becomes busier, it’s time to expand. Maybe that means moving your office out of the garage or upgrading to state-of-the-art equipment. But one thing everyone needs is more hands on deck.

Hiring as a startup comes with its own unique challenges but also sets you up for a better workflow and stronger team. Let’s break down 5 key strategies for bringing the right person on board your startup.

1. Look for Ability, Not Resumes

If your startup is in its early phases, hiring a younger and less experienced candidate can provide an opportunity to grow together. Your startup is based on potential, and so should your new employee.

Someone with 10 years of experience could be jaded and lacking the passion that comes with a fresh face eager to make their mark. But don’t automatically rule out top choices…

2. Reach For The Stars

No matter how small your company is right now, it could blow up any day. Trusting in your company means you aren’t afraid to do your own recruitment. Try everything you can do to get the best and the brightest even if you think they would never work with you. That could mean searching LinkedIn for graduates from top schools or even setting up a booth at your local job fair.

The only way to be sure you won’t hire a top applicant is if you don’t reach out. Plus, once you’ve got one superstar working with you, the rest will fall into place and your reputation will become more and more solid!

3. Do Your Research

If you’ve never hired an employee before you probably have a few logistical questions like: what salary should I offer? Do I need to provide health insurance? How much does a background check cost?

Your best bet is to contact a lawyer and consult on what is best for your business. Having a contract prepared and ready to go before even seeking applicants will put your mind at ease when you find the right person.

Onboarding is stressful for you and your new employee, so make sure to ask for all documents you will need as soon as possible.

4. Make Sure The Whole Team Approves

Working in a startup usually involves close quarters and long hours. If two people don’t get along it’s going to be tough for everyone else too.

You have a small team, so make sure everyone can conduct an interview before you offer a job. A cultural fit is essential for a smooth operation. To that end, don’t be overly formal in an interview, make sure the candidate knows what the day-to-day operations are really like.

5. Set Up A Test

Are you already bored just imagining asking the same tired interview questions over and over again to dozens of applicants? Well trust me, they are tired of answering them!

Prepare an actionable test they can take, so you can really see how they work beyond some words on a resume. If you work in software, have a coding competition. If you’re looking for writers, send them a fictional brief with a deadline. Anything is better than, “What’s your greatest quality?”

Bottom Line

These tips will put you a cut above the rest. The best thing you can do is to have a plan and know how to execute it at a moment’s notice.

You’ve made it this far — if you’re ready to start hiring that’s a good sign. So take control and get the best people on board!

This article was written by Robert Sanford.

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