5 Tips For Managing Multiple Restaurant Locations

Managing multiple restaurant locations can be difficult, but not impossible. However, you will have to develop solutions for certain challenges. Oftentimes, managers may focus more on the primary location, leaving their employees to manage the other sites. There’s also performance management challenges brought about by supervision issues, lack of employee cohesiveness, and more. To successfully manage multiple restaurant locations, there needs to be a greater emphasis on communication and technology systems. Here are tips for managing various restaurant locations.

Invest in a franchise POS system

Once your restaurant business grows to a franchise level, invest in proper tools that automate business processes and data to keep your business operations and inventory management consistent, repeatable, and on-brand. A franchise POS system like TrufflePOS enables you to manage your restaurant operations in real-time by grouping different locations to create custom reports for sales and business intelligence understanding.

Some features that ease your management task are online ordering, kitchen order display system, inventory management, and online table reservations. You also get cloud kitchens and loyalty programs that help strengthen your bond with regular clients by offering them incentives to keep them coming back.

Lay down an organizational structure

Successful management of multiple restaurant locations depends on establishing clear responsibilities, authority, and boundaries. Through an organizational structure, communicate each employee’s duties and incorporate this with a system that measures their performance and holds them responsible for their work no matter the location.

Create a consistent restaurant experience

The clients who have been with you from the start will have set expectations for your restaurant. The standardization of operational procedures makes it possible to achieve a consistent restaurant and guest experience, making it easy to meet and even surpass customer expectations.

Use of standard procedures

The success of your restaurant will depend on the processes that address various business responsibilities. To ensure standardized procedures, employ a multiple-unit POS system for the smooth running of the multiple restaurant locations. To enable managers to use standardized inventory and costing systems, use standard menus and ingredients across all restaurants. For special menus, consider producing them at a single location then distribute them to other areas.

In addition, consider using electronic communication methods for speedy decision-making and collaboration among other restaurants. A unified system will enable you to hire, control inventory, handle customer complaints, train, and assign food preparation responsibilities, among other restaurant activities.

Improve communication

If you are managing restaurants in different locations, a lot of communication is needed to make it easy for your employees to put their skills to work. Take advantage of technology for efficient communication tools and systems that allow virtual check-ins when you can’t make it to other locations. Hold honest, open, and ongoing conversations with your staff and management team to promote a healthy workplace culture. Allow your managers enough flexibility with their decision-making authority to avoid causing disconnection and disengagement within your team.


It’s the dream of every restaurant franchise owner to manage all their restaurants from a single system effectively. Use these tips for the successful management of your multiple restaurant locations.

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