5 Ways To Spice Up Your Office Space

Gone are the days where employees were expected to work in gray, cramped office cubicles packed within workspaces. With time, factors related to the interior design of offices and workspaces are taken seriously. Employers are realizing the importance of enhancing workplace interiors and making it more functional for employees to work with efficiency, comfort, and freedom.

By enhancing a space and increasing its functionality, you can boost productivity and get closer to your goals. However, some employers often get sidetracked and put style above functionality. By applying sensible design strategies, you can achieve a balance between décor and functionality, which is how office space should be.

Here are 5 ways to spice up your office space so you can change your old-fashioned office interior into functional and aesthetic space –

1. Declutter your Space

The simplest way to revamp any space is by letting go of unwanted office supplies and furnishings that you don’t need or use anymore. By removing unwanted furniture, you can create multiple open spaces within your office that can be used for free movement and relaxation. The effect of open spaces is quite underrated within office settings. Cramped spaces can cause anxiety and add to the stress of workload. Even if you are unable to let go of certain furnishings, try to rearrange them to achieve as much open space as possible. People usually feel free and relaxed when working in open spaces, which ultimately boosts productivity.

With more open spaces within your office, you can encourage more physical movement among employees, which can eventually help reduce stress and increase cognitive functioning. Medical practitioners encourage the physical activity of any kind to keep your physical and mental health at bay. This is particularly necessary when you need to maintain a work-life balance and excel at both.

2. Replace Old Furniture with Ergonomic Chairs and Tables

More and more offices are resorting to ergonomic furniture that provides comfort and reduces body pain. These are designed to support your body posture and release tension, which improves your wellbeing and lets you focus on work. Start by incorporating ergonomic chairs and tables since you spend around 6 to 8 hours every day working at your desk. You can easily find ergonomic and stylish furniture in your locality. Along with physical health, ergonomic furniture also contributes to the improvement of mental health. Standing desks, supporting chairs, and customized keyboards are some examples of this type of furniture.

3. Let Natural Light In

Any space that lets a lot of natural light in feels more positive and reduces stress. Install big openings or widen old ones that let natural light in and brighten up space. It not only boosts productivity but also keeps employees happy and satisfied, which is paramount to a company’s success. Experienced designers at Vestra Workspace recommend using task lights that focus on a specific spot such as your desk. It reduces eye strain and provides extra clarity during video meetings. Alternatives to task lights such as clamp-on lamps can also be considered.

4. Add Indoor Plants

Another simple way to change the look and feel of office space is to add a lot of indoor plants. These provide a pop of color and make the space livelier. Plants also filter and circulate fresh air, which is necessary to keep your employees focused and cheerful. Bigger plants can be used as virtual space dividers that offer privacy and reduce visibility across departments. It is known that the addition of plants can boost employee productivity by 6% and increase employee wellbeing and creativity by 15%. Simply put, plants add value to office spaces. Choose indoor plants that do not require much maintenance and enhance the aesthetic value of your office décor.

5. Use Shelves to Increase Storage Space

While decluttering your office space is highly recommended to enhance its feel and functionality, every work setting needs extra storage space to keep important files and documents. This can be resolved by using the vertical space of your office and adding floating shelves to be used as storage space. These shelves and cabinets adhere to minimalism and fulfill your need for extra storage. Lastly, make sure that the documents and files are organized and properly arranged on the shelves to achieve a neater look.

By applying these tips, you can achieve a sensible balance between style and functionality. If you are an employer, try to incorporate these strategies to satisfy your employees and boost their productivity. Whether it’s a home office or a full-fledged corporate workspace, applying these tips will help you create a functional office that will improve focus and get more tasks done in less time.

By Samantha Acuna 

Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, and Yahoo Small Business.

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