6 Tips On Business Relocation

Relocation is something your business will probably have to face at some point – your current lease could come to an end or you might be in search for bigger premises. No matter what’s your reason for moving your business to the new premises, it’s a process you’ll have to take very seriously. It’s very important to relocate smoothly so you can get back into the business as soon as possible. Here are 6 tips which might help you make your move quicker and more efficient.

Follow Your To-Do Lists

When relocating your business, to-do lists might come in very handy. If there are to-do lists you can follow, you’ll make sure not a single task is overlooked. The best way to do this is to create multiple lists for every important part of the moving process. The sooner you get started with to-do lists the better. It’s also not a bad idea to make separate lists for three months, two months, one month, and two weeks before the move just as well for the very day of the move.

Book the Movers

Moving is a process during which your equipment can easily get damaged. That’s why it’s recommended to contact professional movers who’ll do the job for you. It is especially important to get long distance movers like Mayflower if your office is going to be moving far away from it’s current location. These movers are usually licensed and insured, which means they’ll be held responsible if some of your equipment gets damaged during the relocation process. When you book the movers, you’ll be provided with a truck and a team of professionals who will carry your equipment. You should try to book the movers at least few weeks before you start the relocation process.

Use Cardboard Boxes

Relocating your business can be quite costly. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to save some money whenever you can. You don’t have to buy expensive moving boxes as you can get cardboard ones quite cheaply. You can do this by contacting a local furniture store and buying some of their used cardboard boxes. These cost much less than the moving boxes you would probably never use again. The money you managed to save by using cardboard boxes can later be invested into your business.

Add Some New Features

When relocating your business, you’re always supposed to aim at moving to a better office. For example, if your old office used to be in an old building, make sure the new office is located in a newer building. You should also try to make your new premises bigger than the older one. If there’s enough space, you can always add a break room where you and your employees can relax. You should also make sure there’s something interesting to do in your break room so no one gets bored. TV or a couple of books are something you can never go wrong with.

Get the New Office Ready

The next thing you’ll have to do is prepare your new office. The previous owner maybe didn’t have enough time to leave you your new premises in a perfect condition. That’s why it’s always a good idea to give your new office a proper scrub. But even before you do that, you can contact experts in junk removal who can help you get rid of anything the previous owners left in your new office. Once you get rid of all the garbage, it’s time to start scrubbing floors and windows.

Inform the Consumers

When making such big changes in your business, it’s always really important to inform the consumers about your move. Nobody’s going to visit your business unless they know where exactly your premises are. First of all, you can start by announcing your move on your website or some of your social media pages. If you have the e-mail addresses of all of your customers, make sure you send them a newsletter as well. You can also make some new business cards which will inform the consumers when you’ll be open for business once again.

Business relocation is never easy, but if you manage to do all the listed things properly, you move isn’t going to cause you a headache. Once you are all settled in your new office, make sure you double-check everything before you finally reopen for business.

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to marketing and latest business technology.

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