6 Ways To Close More Sales And Land More Clients

Sales is one of the most challenging professions to get into, but through perseverance and a lot of training, it’s possible to consistently close deals. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs often struggle with this aspect of their business because it’s difficult to acquire skill. Don’t give up just yet; these 6 tips can improve your sales figures in a short period of time.

1. Use Sales Enablement Software

Using technology in almost any industry can excel your productivity and lead to more products sold, but you need the right software if you want to achieve success. All entrepreneurs should find reliable sales enablement software to develop a strategy for motivating, equipping, and training sales teams to sell better. This software focuses on high-quality, targeted sales efforts supported by data and analytics related to your industry. With sales intelligence embedded in the program, you’ll find the most optimal way to create unique content that will close more deals.

2. Set Obtainable Goals First, High Goals Second

Salespeople that have monthly goals that feel impossible, like selling to 200 clients, will instantly lower morale. One goal isn’t enough to motivate someone to complete a long project, but setting small, more obtainable daily tasks will. Calling 10 prospective clients a day will add up to 200 calls over the course of a month. While most of those calls won’t lead to a sale, they will increase networking potential and give you more practice selling. Try to reach even higher than your last month’s goals by putting in extra work and effort for a better chance at landing clients.

3. Practice Question and Answer Closing Strategies

Every senior salesperson has a few closers that they’ve rehearsed, and most of those closing remarks rely on a question-and-answer strategy. It’s human nature to procrastinate, so never tell any client to perform a task. Asking questions makes the client feel like they have the power when really you’re prodding them to make a decision faster. Use a question like: “what concerns do you have?” so you can instantly solve a pain point that is preventing them from becoming a client. Above all, asking questions removes pressure in face-to-face selling.

4. Use Pressure as a Tactic But, Tread Carefully

Many entrepreneurs don’t like the thought of sales because it’s viewed as manipulation, but adding pressure to a sales pitch doesn’t automatically equate to an evil act. To manipulate someone, you first have to take advantage of them, typically through lies and deceit. You should never, ever lie about your product or service because you risk losing their trust, plus it’s a morally wrong thing to do. Pressure selling just implies you keep encouraging a client, even when they say no, by helping them understand why the product is beneficial or necessary.

5. Listening is the Best Way to Sell

Sales pitches can make the client uncomfortable if you keep talking about your product and don’t listen to what the person you’re selling to actually needs. Speaking less in a client interaction will help you determine why they’re unwilling to purchase in the first place. Remember: “No” is often the language of the confused. Clear and concise communication will win you the day if you know how to tackle typical rejections related to your product. As another benefit, active listening will create a less pressurized sales environment.

6. Be Personable, Funny, and Relatable

You can check every metric off the checklist and still have a difficult time selling if your clients hate you or are convinced you’re a swindler. Unfortunately, sales relies a lot on likability and physical appearance, so use your personality to your advantage when speaking to a client. Even in emails, small touches like a sarcastic or unique cadence will show through and feel relatable. The best sales closers use humor to sell. If you get a prospect to laugh, you can get them to buy, so focus on creating a light-hearted, relaxing client-focused interaction.

By Matt Peterson

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