7 Office Upgrades for Your Productivity and Comfort

In this day and age, people are under a lot of pressure not only because of the size of their workloads but because of the amount of information as well that they need to handle. To the overall tension, workers are overwhelmed with the variety of demands that need to be delivered on time which does not make things even harder.

Since workers are sitting daily in their office for an average of around six hours according to the Work & Health Research Centre, all of that stress needs to be brought to the minimum somehow. There is no need to go over budget in order to improve your overall work environment, especially if your office is at your own home. Here are seven office upgrades tips that may increase your comfort and productivity.

Better Sitting Arrangement

In case you are feeling uncomfortable, there is no doubt that your work will suffer as a result. To solve such an issue, you could as an example, obtain an ergonomic chair. It would be wise to make sure that your desk height is optimal for you as well and that the overall temperature is comfortable.

In case there is any part of the office design that can cause you distraction or discomfort, the best solution would be to adjust it and make it meet your needs.

Sun Exposure

It can not be overstated how important it is to catch some sunlight. Some research reports are done by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory state that natural light can significantly increase creativity, energy, and overall productivity as well. People working in offices that were exposed to natural lighting stayed longer on their tasks for 15 percent longer than those that were deprived of sun exposure.

On average, people that are not receiving enough direct sunlight have lost 46 minutes of sleep at night which a study by Northwestern University in Chicago would confirm. The importance of good night sleep is important in order to overall productivity which can be drawn as a conclusion. In case that your office desk is in a dim space, try and place it in a room with greater sun exposure.

If however, that is not possible, the wise thing to do would be to obtain lamps that imitate natural light. These lamps have various benefits like reducing fatigue, improving mood, and reducing seasonal depression.

The Desk

The desk plays a huge role in productivity. Ones that are too small can lack space for the organization while the desk that is too large is difficult to manage. The perfect one should be comfortable and just right. No matter which type it would be, an electric desk or any other for that matter, should be able to accommodate you no matter your size. When thinking of color, consider a soothing colored surface since it is an office space after all. The items on the desk should be seen with ease. For that reason, white, black, beige, or any other neutral colored desks are the best solution.

Office Decoration

Natural decorations can give a sense of calm in the office. Plants are the ideal solution for this. For example, cacti are available in bright colors while ferns are verdant. Some spider plants are easy to grow and would thrive in office spaces. Since plants and sunlight are considered to be mood boosters, they are also shown to help people amplify their productivity.

So, if you have the window in your office, the combination of these two will do wonders for your productivity and comfort in general. When choosing a plant, it would be wise to focus on one that is low maintenance though, like ferns or succulents.

Does Office Design Matter?

The color of the walls in the office can impact overall productivity. For instance, having walls painted green or blue will make you feel relaxed while yellow can make a distraction. If you decide to upgrade your office by painting your walls, it would be wise to choose neutral colors with few bright specific colors at certain locations.

For instance, lighter gray can be combined with beige or light orange walls. If you would like one wall to stand out, just for esthetic sake, it is recommended to choose purple since it will give visual interest without being too stimulating.

Eliminate Clutter

Clutter is considered to be the notorious killer of productivity. It is recommended to eliminate any standing clutter in your office environment. For instance, you could get a file cabinet for your papers and clear off your desk to start.

Also, getting rid of anything on the shelves that you do not use on a regular basis is also important. By minimizing your office down, you will feel more focused to deal with the work that waits for you ahead.

Extra Storage

The best way to save some space on your desk, thus upgrade the office and make it more efficient is to make things more manageable. Meaning, getting a variety of cheap hooks, made out of metal or plastic, can be useful.

These attachments can be served to hang anything from cables to other office gadgets and even larger office supplies which will make the space easier to work within.

If you are working in an office environment, these seven ideas might be proven useful for your overall productivity and can make things more comfortable. Feel free to upgrade the space around you. By doing so and customizing space to your needs, the results will soon follow.

Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, and Yahoo Small Business.

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