7 Tips For Managing A Big Team

Every company has its own means of achieving goals. One of the most popular approaches is teamwork. A group of different specialists can find a better solution to the problem faster. In addition, when a single project is developed by several people, it is estimated at all angles and there are no gaps and mistakes that might be made by a single worker. This is a fact. However, not all the teams work really effectively as sometimes they lack good management skills. And this is something a good leader has to take care of. It is impossible to come to a single conclusion if a number of people in the group is big and they are not given the only right direction to follow. In this case, a team leader should be aware of the effective managing tips to coordinate the work of a big group of people right and get desirable results.

1. Discuss the project requirements and goals

Every big team consisting of the most qualified professionals is not able to complete the task set if they are not aware what exactly is required from them. Managing a team it is of utmost importance to provide as many details about the assignment as possible. You can describe the project itself, the company or person who ordered it and what goals he wishes to achieve with its help. The most important part is to give every team member a list of the requirements to the project. This will increase their awareness of your demands and goals. However, this also has to be done right. It must be a printed or digital document that can be accessed anytime if any company member needs to check anything. Thus, everyone should have unlimited access to these materials. One more great thing is to use a team collaboration tool and leave comments to every requirement whether it is a suggestion or criticism. This document will be also useful at the final stage to consider if everything was taken into account.

2. Set a positive mood of all team members

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to stimulate excellent work with monetary rewards but setting a positive mood from Edubirdie essay writing service is absolutely free. It is of utmost importance to encourage every member of the group for effective work. You can tell an anecdote or just say the words of encouragement but giving a task to every member never forget to motivate workers and they will perform their duties more effectively.Build not only professional but also good personal relations with the employees and they will praise you with excellent results. Learn how they feel, if everything is okay in the family, what interests them. If you are still wondering why this is so important you should just give it a shot to see how much your employees will appreciate your care and the atmosphere in your team will be more productive.

3. Speak not only about drawbacks but mention benefits and achievements too

One of the main team management skills is an ability to analyze the workflow and find the underwater stones that do not allow it to move ahead. Usually, if a team leader finds any drawbacks, he starts criticizing the group members. Sometimes bosses think that if they are asked to give a feedback, they must find anything to criticize. In fact, it is necessary to mention not only drawbacks but also accomplishments of every team member. Good feedback makes staff feel more confident and motivated. When a person feels that his work is appreciated, he will make even more effort to provide satisfactory results. Being more involved in the future employees will develop creativity and look for non-standard decisions to look outstanding among others again.

4. Distribute responsibilities among right people

Trying to understand how to manage a large team people always try to keep busy every member. However, this strategy might not be effective if you offer these people tasks they are not knowledgeable in. Of course, they will make effort to complete it but think: would you be satisfied with the quality? Every member of the team must be responsible for his part, even if it does not keep any of them busy all the time, it is better if they do it well and get rest rather than devote all their time to the assignment and be able to hardly manage it. Every professional should deal with the process he is the best in and as a result, the final product will get the best quality as well. But to assign team members only for the sake of being busy is a huge mistake.

5. Prevent or manage conflicts

It is impossible to find a single conclusion if the atmosphere in the group is tense. The presence of any conflicts will not contribute to the efficiency of the group work. Even if this argument is between two people, the probability that they will try to take two opposite positions and prevent the team from working fast and productively.

What do you need to keep in mind? The main task of the group leader is to prevent any conflicts in the group setting everyone in the equal positions and manage the situation if the conflict could not be prevented. Take people who have some contradictions to sit at the table of negotiations and encourage them to speak up their mind on the problem and find solution. It will make the relations in the group strong and positive.

6. Offer good incentives and rewards for good job

To manage a large group of people means to find desire and resources for motivation and rewards. This information should be given to the team members at the stage of presenting the assignment. Such reward will be a perfect encouragement at the initial stage and during the workflow. You can also offer some small rewards for every accomplishment on the way to the final product. They must not be obligatory monetary ones: you can offer some extra studying to improve the qualification or a visit of some interesting company-related event. Why does it matter? Such praise is beneficial for both employees and the company owner as his staff will get more professional thanks to that. Even the smallest improvements in offices devices or items used at work can be an excellent motivation.

7. Make regular check-ins to track the progress

It can be hardly called professional to provide the large team with a project and requirements to him and wait for the final example. For a final product to be as close to the customer’s expectations as possible you should regularly contact his representatives and offer them drafts for approval or making necessary amendments. This should help optimize the workflow. If a group leader analyzes every stage of the process assigned to the team, he will be more likely to determine any problems or misconceptions for them not to impact the final product. This is quite a useful tip. In addition, it will help to follow the schedule to deliver the ready-made order on time.


It does not have to be highlighted that you will never be able to manage a large team without good management skills. Unfortunately, not everyone possesses them but there is always an opportunity to study and develop them. One of such ways is to memorize and use practically the pieces of advice given by professionals. They will help you to maintain healthy relations among the team members and improve the efficacy of their work. A big team consists of multiple members so you must be able to find approach to everyone and only then unite all of the employees in one professional team. Only then, you will be able to implement all the strategies mentioned above and achieve success.

Written by Chris Lewis.

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