9 Benefits of Having an ECommerce Virtual Assistant

The upside of taking your business online is having an open market. This means that you are able to reach a wider demographic and your store can run 24/7.


Unfortunately, having a store that runs 24/7 also means that you need to man your business at all times. This can cost you your

personal time, quality of life or even your productivity at your day job. In fact, it is not uncommon among eCommerce business owners to feel that they are left with only the repetitive day to day tasks – such as answering customer service emails, inventory management & running reports.


#1: Save money – Conventional employees cost you more than their wage & benefits. In a brick and mortar office, you have to spend money on equipment, furniture, rent & maintenance too. A virtual assistant, luckily, spares you from all these. That is of course without sacrificing work quality.

#2: Boost productivity – worried that your VA will not work to their full advantage during their shift? It is easy to monitor & track their productivity with the help of time tracking tools such as Time Doctor.

#3: Cover customer support – you can’t check on your business’ info or support inbox at your day job, can you? Let your virtual assistant handle customer inquiries while you handle your post at your day job.


#4: Improve your quality of life – having a virtual assistant means you can delegate all the time consuming tasks to someone else. This could mean more time for yourself and your family.

#5: Find peace of mind – with a virtual assistant, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have someone you can rely on to help with your business.

#6: Keep work and life balance – being able to delegate tasks would also mean that no task is left undone. There won’t be a need for over time at the office or working on the weekends.


#7: Gain focus – having too many hats to wear tears down your focus. Luckily, a virtual assistant’s service surpasses time zones. Even when they are from another location, they can accommodate you during your business’ operating hours.

#8: Be on top of your schedule – having both an eCommerce business and a day job can be daunting. Your VA will help get your schedule together. You can even have your VA remind you of important events & deliverable at your day job.

#9: Management your time better – everyone gets 24 hours each day. Having a VA to delegate your business’ daily tasks helps you get the most of your day. At your day job, this means taking charge of your post. For your business, this is having more time to ace core tasks.

Because your business is online and accessible to people all over the world, tasks will become endless. So it will be very smart to have an eCommerce virtual assistant to help you grow your business without compromising other essential life aspects.

Do you have a virtual assistant? How has it helped your business and quality of life? If not, what are your reservations with hiring a virtual assistant? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


Catherine Vanvonno

Catherine Vanvonno, Businesswoman, Provides services for specific business that needs administrative assistance. And loves writing business articles and share productivity tips.

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