Book Excerpt: Abolishing Performance Appraisals: Why They Backfire and What to Do Instead


Abolishing Performance Appraisals: Why They Backfire and What to Do Instead offers suggestions on how to replace performance appraisals with a system emphasizing teamwork, empowerment, and spirituality. Exploring such areas as coaching, feedback, compensation, promotion, and legal documentation, it challenges readers to think about the important questions surrounding the use of appraisal. The bottom line, the authors argue, is that the process of performance appraisal frustrates most employees and managers who use it. While eighty percent of U.S. Businesses use performance appraisals, 9 out of 10 of them are dissatisfied with the process. This book provides an alternative. Read excerpts from it below!


 Abolishing Performance Appraisals: 
 Why They Backfire and What to Do Instead
by Tom Coens and Mary Jenkins
 Format: Hardcover, 300pp.
 ISBN: 1576750760
 Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
 Pub. Date: October  2000

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