Advertising Mobile Services

Does your business go to your customers rather than the other way around? Here are some ideas for how you can let people know about your services.

Dear Janet,

I want to start up a mobile auto repair service doing minor repairs, oil changes, etc. What’s the best way to advertise this business? I want to cater to businesses and private owners.

–Mobile Mechanic


Dear Mobile,

There are several things you can do to advertise this business. First, plan on advertising in the Yellow Pages. That is the first place many people will look to find services such as this.

Use your vehicle to advertise your business too. If you use a van for the business, be sure the name of the business and the phone numbers is boldly and professionally painted on the side of the van. That way it’s will work like a billboard to advertise your service any place you travel. 

Yet another option: get telephone directory that’s arranged by street address rather than alphabetically. Make telemarketing calls neighborhood by neighborhood to introduce your business. Ask those you talk to – and your customers – for referrals to their neighbors and friends who could use your help. 

To get business clients, network at local association meetings. Also, put an ad in local association publications.

Good luck!

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