Amazon Sellers Advice to Newbies

E-commerce is one of the cheapest and easiest businesses to start and also is amongst the most profitable ways to start your own business by becoming an Amazon seller.  Its flexibility allows to customize to your particular situation – part-time while you work at your full-time job, home-based and location independent.

I recommend that beginner entrepreneurs start by joining the most successful e-commerce site in the world Amazon. No need to set up your site, shipping systems not customer service departments, instead use Amazon’s existing corporation for your gain.

Almost any product that you can conceive of can be sold, at a profit, on Amazon or one of its sister sites.

As in all businesses, you need knowledge, time, skills and commitment. Here are some tips from experts Amazon sellers for your e-commerce success.

Build Brands

Decide what your brand and company focus will be at the onset. What is your point of difference, that trait of great value to your customers versus your competition? Is it rare, hard to find items? Or perhaps it is larger selections of color and sizes of best-selling items? Envision your desired customers; they will be your consumer audience. Margaret Sully and Susan Page, expert Amazon sellers and the founders of One Way Girl, advises new Amazon sellers to begin by determining your niche and the products you will sell. Then study the other Amazon sellers and other online retailers to set pricing competitively.

Promote Your Amazon Profile

To set up your Amazon sellers account is relatively easy; getting buying customers to visit your store is harder. But, Amazon does a lot of the job for you, by bringing visitors and clients to your product listings.

“To be a successful Amazon sellers, you must learn how to leverage their resources for your own company,” she said. That involves buying the promotions offered by Amazon such as Sponsored Product Ads, Internal Promotions and Fulfillment by Amazon.

Stan & Abagail Getz, expert Amazon sellers, advises associate to experiment with different advertising and deals to see what works best for your products. He suggests to regularly, weekly is best, updated product listings to be more attractive to buyers after analyzing your closest competitors.

Ask for Reviews

As Amazon sellers, you need to encourage buyers to purchase your items, instead of your competitors, and the best way to accomplish this is to get more and better reviews. Use review feedback services, that ask your customers for feedback via automated emails. If you do get a negative review, respond to the client directly and also post a reply on the product listing.

“The customers are your top priority,” said Getz. “Answer customer questions fast, be active on Amazon, and respond, both publically and privately, to negative reviews as soon as possible, and do everything you can to to make your buyers satisfied.”

You must give great customer service. One Way Girl achieves this by concentrating on product descriptions and images, answering emails quickly and comprehensively and providing product usage recommendations.

Sign up for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Amazon has built its company on providing excellent product quality and super fast delivery. That is why millions of consumers shop their site. Make Amazon your business partner; they can ship your orders, through the Fulfillment by Amazon program. Studies show that more buyers will purchase items they know Amazon is shipping because they trust their company.

FBA Amazon is a seller service created to help you succeed. Amazon ships your items they store at one of their fulfillment centers and they will also handle any customer service issues that arise. Amazon seller experts utilize the FBA program both to boost their sales, using customer loyalty and streamline their operations which reduce costs.

“We sell the majority of our items in the FBA program,” said Getz. “This allows us to concentrate on sourcing the best quality products and writing impressive listings, instead of spending all our time packing and shipping items.”

“Last year our new business grew to over seven figures in the Amazon FBA system,” added Getz. “There is no limit to where Amazon sellers can take their entrepreneurial firms when selling on Amazon, which is larger than Walmart and Target combined! ”

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