Best Apps For Content Curation

There’s no denying that content marketing is becoming the go-to method for online marketing. From posting social media updates across multiple platforms to blog posts and white reports, delivering interesting content is an extremely effective way to market your brand. However, it can feel a little daunting when faced with the idea that your marketing obligations have expanded to also include becoming a content publisher.

Instead of being responsible for pushing out marketing messages that coincide with big releases or other company news, you now have to engage fans of your brand on a daily basis. That means finding and creating content that will interest your fans enough to share or interact with you. If you’re like most self-employed individuals, this can feel like just another item to add to your always growing to-do list.

Luckily, many others feel the same way, and there are a variety of apps to help you find interesting topics. Curated content is a great way to let the ideas come to you instead of having to set aside time to go look for news or trending topics. Save yourself some time and try some of these apps that have already done the hard work for you.

Flipboard is a free “magazine” style app that showcases content from multiple sources across a variety of topics. You can create your own magazine with the content you want to read or you can view premade sections such as politics, technology, business, sports, etc. It’s currently available for iOS and Android devices.

Pulse is a great app for reading content from all of your favorite blogs, magazines, newspapers and social networks in one place. You can customize your content by choosing news sources from their catalog. This is a free app available for iOS, Android and your browser.

Reuters News Pro
There’s not denying Reuters as a great source for news. Now you can have all the news on your mobile device to read whenever and wherever you want. This free app is currently available for iOS, Blackberry and Android devices.

Another beautiful content aggregator, SkyGrid, allows you to sort content by top news, preferred news or section. Its visual design makes it easy to find interesting or relevant content. Skygrid is available for iOS and Android devices.

These are four really great apps to start with, however, what about when you find something you want to share or write about later? This is where a great app Pocket (formerly Read it Later) comes in. No matter which app you are in (it works with over 300 apps), if you want to save an app to read later on either your mobile device, tablet or your browser, just email the article to your Pocket account. Then when you’re ready to go through your saved articles, just log into Pocket to read them!

The best tools are the ones that deliver great results while saving you time and money, and all of these apps were design to do just that. Give them a try and see how you can incorporate them into your workflow and have access to wider variety of content ideas at the touch of a finger.

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