Gig Workers Wanted by the Census Bureau

If you’re looking for a gig job, look no further than the US Census Bureau. They’ll soon be hiring census workers in temporary and part-time positions in preparation for the 2020 Census. 

Looking for gigs to make some money? The US Census Bureau wants you! Hiring has begun and the Bureau expects to hire more than a half-million temporary and part-time jobs as they get ready to conduct the 2020 Census. Pay ranges from $13 to $30 an hour depending on location and work done. A variety of work is available such as census takers who will visit homes and office workers who check home addresses.

Those who are hired as Census takers will be using laptops and smartphones this year instead of the paper forms, maps, and boxes of documents that had to be lugged around in years past.

Jobs can be applied for online at the site. To qualify, you need to be at least 18 years old, have a valid Social Security number, be a US citizen, pass a Census-performed criminal background check, and meet other criteria. For a full list of qualifications and requirements see the Census Bureau’s Job Details page.

The Bureau is looking for bus drivers, teachers, and others who are looking for gig work and can work flexible hours. They are also looking for people who speak non-English languages, and those who live in neighborhoods with large immigrant populations. People who have a full-time day job and want to earn extra money could work on weekends, the Bureau notes.

The 2020 Census is a count of every person living in the United States on April 1, 2020, the official Census Day. It asks a few simple questions, including age and number of people living in the home. It not only counts people but also where they are living on Census Day.

The Census Bureau is set to launch its nationwide address canvassing operation in August to update maps and address lists across the country.

About 50,000 temporary census workers will check more than 50 million addresses throughout the nation over a six-week period to see if any new residences (or addresses) were added. The Census Bureau wants to make sure that every address in the nation receives an invitation in March 2020 to respond to the census.

In early 2020, the Census Bureau will begin hiring census takers to visit individual homes to help residents complete their forms if they haven’t already responded online, by phone or through a paper questionnaire.

These door-to-door jobs are usually done in the evenings and on weekends. Positions also will be available at regional and local offices during more traditional daytime hours.

To apply online, go to the Census Bureau’s 2020 Job Details page.

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