Cloud Computing 101 For Entrepreneurs

Because of the evolution of technology, easy and affordable access to advanced technology has meant it is easier than ever to start and optimally mange a business. Technology empowers entrepreneurs to make decisions that trigger strategic growth. What a business owner is going to face is a problem of plenty. A smorgasbord of technology options exist, and each technology is promising fantastic deliverables. One of the most-promising is cloud computing, which offers far-reaching benefits to entrepreneurs

You may have heard how cloud is playing the role of catalyst in business’s growth. There is absolutely no doubt cloud computing is a game changer for businesses. It is disruptive technology at its best and a must-have tool.

So, just what is cloud computing?

Cloud computing or “the cloud” is an umbrella term that includes on-demand third party hardware and software services that are delivered over the internet. You pay for the IT service you use, which means you don’t have to pay through your nose to access even the most advanced applications on the market or store your data on state-of-the art, data centers.

There are three cloud services you can leverage for business benefit, which include Software as a Service (you access cloud based applications), Platform as a Service (you access a comprehensive cloud based environment for developing and delivering cloud-based applications) and Infrastructure as a Service (you access IT infrastructure like servers, data center etc.)

You need to think of the cloud as a comprehensive resource of technology; it simplifies access to cutting edge technology, making it extremely hassle free and also very cost effective.

Why is the cloud a friend like no other?

The cloud can be your business’s best friend provided you are able to optimally leverage its benefits. Access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and the hottest software is of no use if you don’t optimize their use.

As an entrepreneur, you must make use of the cloud to explore new growth opportunities by improving your business processes. Take a look at how “friendship” with the cloud can be good for your business:

The Cloud helps you compete

One of the reasons why people didn’t give in to their entrepreneurial spirit was the fear that the already established players in the niche would steamroll all opposition. Well, the arrival of the cloud has changed all that. It has leveled the playing field. With very little investment in infrastructure, startups and small businesses can give stiff competition to larger enterprises. In fact, the smaller players can compete with their bigger counterparts by leveraging the most advanced cloud based solutions.

For example, they can deploy systems that deliver key customer/market intelligence by crunching big data; their inherent smaller footprint provides them with the flexibility to respond quickly to the needs of the customer/market. This is just one of the ways the cloud can help even small businesses win against the heavy weights of their niche.

The Cloud fosters Innovation

When you are accessing applications/systems/IT assets through the cloud, you are essentially making it easier for your employees to access business critical data. The convergence of advanced technology and seamless access to information facilitates faster decision making and also improves productivity. It also helps trigger innovation.

One of the barriers to innovation is the acquisition and deployment of the necessary IT resources; the cloud can help you deploy these IT resources and ensure your sole focus is to use them to come up with radical solutions.

The Cloud is Long Term

In the cloud, you have a friend that you can stick with, for the long term, as long as you want to. The cloud wars being fought by the biggest cloud service providers mean that a move to the cloud is very affordable. What’s more, the increased competition means these companies are also improving their cloud services portfolio. Things will keep getting better and better. In fact, there will come a time when you will find entrepreneurs operating their business through the cloud; all core and non-core operations will be cloud deployed.

To Conclude

If you are an entrepreneur and not using cloud computing you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to boost business growth. This is a cardinal mistake because the cloud gives your business a competitive edge without having to dig too deeply into your pockets. This is one advantage you cannot miss.

By Stan Roach

Stan Roach is the Chief Customer Officer at Agiliron, a SaaS solution provider for omni-channel commerce. He has over 30 years of experience with a track record of launching several B2C and B2B software products. Feel free to reach out to him at

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