Couples as Business Partners: Brilliance or Madness

Can love and business mix well?

Is starting a business with your romantic partner a good idea?

For either your new startup firm or your relationship?

Experts say yes. For those who are well suited for each other, building a business, and a life together can be very fruitful and rewarding. Couples running a business together can work out well for both love and money. If you want to start a business with your partner check out our couples business ideas list below.

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Thinking about going into a business partnership with your close best friend? Read my list of pros and cons of starting a business with friends here

Startup Ideas for Couples

Online Stores – E-commerce Site
Divide the responsibilities for one partner to handle the sales and marketing tasks and the other the customer service and shipping operations. Creatively it can be fun and exciting to develop a profitable website together. Many couples have lucrative stores on sites such as Ebay, Etsy, and Zibbet.

House Cleaning
There is an increased demand for house cleaning services because of increased working hours of most parents. Working as a team, you will be able to finish cleaning the house twice as fast doubling your money.

Pet sitting
You love pets almost as much as you love each other? Pet owners, who travel often, are willing to pay substantial amounts to have loving caretakers for the animals in their own home, as opposed to taking their pets to an animal boarding place. With the 2 of you, you will be able to handle more houses and individual animals together.

How to Start a Pet Sitting Business

Real Estate
Lots of wealthy couples began in Real Estate by buying properties in need of repair, making those repairs and selling for a nice profit. One of you could be the muscle, handling the construction work, while the other is the brain which manages sub-contractors, finances, real estate agents and house buyers.

Tutoring and teaching
Right in your neighborhood, students need help in particular subjects and preparation for important exams. By working together, you can accommodate more students schedules and offer different subject assistance.

Landscape and Gardening
Do you and your partner have green thumbs? There is high demand for landscaping and gardening design and maintenance throughout America. You can focus on Green Gardening, which supports the environment with organic gardening practices and water conservation.

Catering and Food Services
Lots of couples love to cook together. If you are good cooks, you could start your own food catering business, for special events, weddings, and corporate parties. Perhaps one of you is the chef and the other the customer service and staff manager.

Food Trucks
If you both love to travel and eat delicious food, then opening a food truck is right for you. In addition to regular lunch and dinner business, there are opportunities to travel to music festivals and private events to sell your tasty creations.

Blogger or Video Stars
Some of the most popular blogs online are written by couples. Their readers enjoy getting to know each of the partners and read their stories. You will need to be creative with your articles, images, and themes to attract a sizable audience.

Fitness Companies
You both love to exercise and spend time at the gym be well-suited to launch a fitness business, either in personal training or group classes. First, become certified by professional organizations such as Aerobics and Fitness Association of America before you start excepting clients. Some partners focus on the same type of exercise and thus double the customer bookings, and others have separate specialties.

Thinking about launching a business with your husband or wife? First, read my blog post about the pros and cons of starting a business with your spouse filled with helpful hints from successful entrepreneurial couples.

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