Does Your New Business Really Need an Office?

Creating a business means having a new office. Traditionally, offices are a mainstay for businesses, more so as they grow. Although some believe that an office space is unnecessary, most businesses still need one to maintain and provide ample working space for their employees and daily operations. 

Even with the rise of faster Internet, working from home has become a viable option for both large and small businesses. However, there are some things a physical office offers that the virtual or digital world can’t. 

To elaborate, here are some points of argument that strongly advise you to set up an office space, especially if yours is a new business:

1. Gives The Right Impression To Clients And Investors

First and foremost, having an office sets the initial tone for any meeting with clients and investors. Since most don’t really trust you in the first few meetings, an office’s ambiance can easily encourage and persuade a client or investor to do so. Additionally, it can also be an opportunity to show investors and clients the quality of management skills through a well-organized office space. As a result, you’re increasing your trust factor.

Unlike online meetings, wherein people only see your face, an office meetup allows your clients and investors to see the actual workforce and assess in person the value of the business. Such provides an advantage in negotiations and deals. 

For instance, if you’re in the construction, interior design, or industrial stairs industry, you can use your office to showcase your works. For instance, since you can invite clients and investors, they’ll see in person whether your commercial stairs are in compliance with the commercial stair code. Or, if your office’s interior design is appealing, your clients can see if your works are what they’re looking for. With such, they can immediately decide whether to do business with you.

2. Attracts Talents

Aside from investors, you can also utilize your office space to attract the talents your business needs.

Great companies often brag about the excellent facilities and state-of-the-art features of their offices. As such, most talents aim to find a workplace that provides everything a business needs. Unlike working from home, where you would most likely have to use your own Internet and personal devices to work, high-quality talents look for businesses that provide everything one needs to become productive. 

Thus, in attracting talent, you must show what your company offers. The best way to achieve that is by showing office facilities, hence, allowing talents to picture their possible workplace and envision their roles while working for your organization. Additionally, it also helps talents feel the company’s culture, helping you convince these individuals that your company is the right fit for their skills. 

3. Provides Better Location

Business offices allow a gathering point for all employees to work at, thus, resulting in a better and more efficient workflow since employees create a rhythm through a routine. However, you must also take into account the specific location of the office space. Since not all locations would offer efficient travel time, look for a place that offers ease of access and is closest to your employees’ places of residence. Or, at least, settle for a location that’s accessible from wherever they’re coming from.

Additionally, customers will also gain benefits from a good office location. Since most offices become the staging ground for clients, it allows clients to find your business easily. On the other hand, if your office’s location is hard to find or too far from central business districts, they’re more likely to find other businesses to cater to their needs.

Furthermore, with the flexibility of choosing where to put an office space, you can adjust it to cater to the larger portion of your market base, providing a strategic base of operation for marketing just within the area.

4. Lets You Build Infrastructure

Another importance of having an office space is so you can build efficient infrastructure. If your business is still running through your home or garage, it can limit Internet speeds to rates solely for residential use. With a commercial building as an office, on the one hand, it eradicates such a problem. Since most high-speed Internet service providers have set lines around the town’s commercial district, it would be easy and simple to connect to a much faster Internet speed. 

5. Creates Inspiration

The office space isn’t just a place of tables and chairs. For creative businesses, it’s an opportunity to help motivate team members. With the current trend of having innovative and eye-catching office spaces, it can easily provide any artist or employee enough inspiration to think out of the box. 

On the other hand, when your business is located at home, you won’t have your workmates at arm’s reach for help. If you get a hold of your workmates, it results in a dull chat session that does nothing to help the mind. In a nutshell, your business will need office space to stimulate your employees’ productivity.

6. Provides Security

Most importantly, if your business is handling clients’ critical information, you need a secure office space. 

With a centralized office, you can station your data and files at a more secure location. It also enables you to set up a server or data center for all the software files.

Unlike working remotely, wherein you’d need to transfer data through the Internet, you can do it within the system’s safety when you have an office space. Seeing that cybersecurity risk increases when using residential or public Internet, it works in favor of your company to keep your employees from a situation that requires this type of access. This reinforces the safety and security of your employees, customer data, and the company in general.

With a standard workplace, security guards are stationed at the front, preventing angry former employees and customers from assaulting the business and your staff. Thus, it eliminates any worry of safety and danger from their minds.

Lastly, with an office space, you can beef up the security by adding policies and guidelines. This is one way of protecting your employees not only from outside dangers, but also from the ones inside. Otherwise, if you let them work remotely, it’d be difficult to implement and manage these policies as the visibility of offenses would be impossible. 


Knowing the benefits of an office space provides you a better understanding of why most businesses still utilize physical office spaces. It fully sets the tone for your business and its goals. Moreover, it provides you an avenue to increase employees’ motivation, fueling their productivity.

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