Double Your Business in 30 Days

How do you double your sales without increasing your costs? Look at why people buy.

I know what you are thinking, here we go again, yet another promise of somebody trying to tell me how I can double my business. Is this yet another half-baked scam or could it be that it is possible to actually double, triple or even quadruple your business in the next 30 days?

The fact of the matter is that it is not only possible, I do it regularly as a Business Coach with my clients. While it is not guaranteed, the techniques I use are the next best thing to fool-proof and can work for almost any business that sells to the general public. If your business is selling to other businesses, there are methods I use to do much the same thing, but we will not be covering those methods in this article.

Let’s start with why people buy anything. If you look at all 4 reasons, the first thing you’ll notice is that they are all emotional. People buy on emotion, not logic. It doesn’t really matter what it is you are selling, if you sell on anything but emotion, I can guarantee that I can double your sales by making just one small shift in how you present your products to your prospects.

Let’s look at the 4 reasons people buy anything. First, they buy for reasons of love or sex. Yes, sex sells, and it’s a very potent marketing tool, if you know how to use it tactfully. Second, people buy because they want their dreams to come true. No matter what dreams we have, more than anything we want those dreams to come true. Position your products as a tool to help a person live their dreams and you’ll see your sales jump almost over night!

The third reason people buy is because they are looking for effortless ways to make money. That’s pretty evident if you look at the popularity of many of the products sold through infomercials that promise big money in exchange for easy work that anybody can do.

And the final reason people buy is because they are going to be getting either something for free or they are getting a bargain. Do you know of anybody who does not want a bargain or who won’t jump at the chance at getting something for nothing?

So there you have it, the 4 reasons people buy. So what do you do now? You are selling products and services that just don’t fit any of these categories, right? Nonsense! I have yet to find a single product or service that can’t be promoted as delivering one or more of the things that make people buy!

I used this technique with a computer-training center and doubled their sales in less than a month. And I did it without increasing their advertising expenses by one dime! I’ve used it with real estate companies, manufacturers, all kinds of retail establishments, and I’ve even used it for insurance companies! In each case, the results were the same; sales increased dramatically in a very short period of time.

Look at the main benefit your product or service offers. Can it be used to fit one of the 4 categories, or do you need to dig a little deeper. An example might be an insurance company advertising that their life insurance will help you to “live your dreams” by removing all the fear of losing your financial security.

If you are really in a jam and can’t seem to fit any part of your product or service into any of these 4 categories, try advertising something for free or a reduced price, which is also commonly known as a bargain. There is hardly an industry that can’t use this category.

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