How to Create a Hand Logo?

Learn how to create a compelling hand logo that symbolizes connection, support, and creativity, ensuring your brand stands out in the market.

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Hand in Hand Logo

Symbolic meaning

The hand has a large number of meanings as a logo. The symbol of the hand is interpreted as the embodiment of strength, help, protection, power, or authority. The image of the palm can symbolize order, vitality, and generosity. A hand logo can be associated with aspiration, authority and dignity, creation, and skill. The general meaning of the logo depends largely on the position of the depicted hand. For example, in modern society, an open hand can mean greeting, openness, friendship, hospitality, or generosity.

Hand Disorders Logo
Centered Logo
Charity Logo
Nokia Logo

Who uses it?

The Nokia logo, which depicts male and female hands tending to shake, is one of the most famous examples. It perfectly emphasizes the slogan “Connecting people.” The Heart Care Centers of Florida logo depicts two hands holding a heart. They symbolize protection and care. The logo of the Randall Museum (San Francisco) has two hands; the shape of one resembles a bird, and the second, a tree. Together, the symbols indicate the specifics of the museum of natural science. The logo for the American Humane Association (an animal protection organization) combines palm and paw “prints.” Symbolizing care for the environment, the Luveko logo combines images of palms protecting a sprout.

American Humane Logo
Luveko Logo
Randall Museum Logo
Heart Care Center of Florida logo

General recommendations

A hand logo is suitable for companies and brands working in the fields of healthcare, charity, and creativity. The symbol has positive meanings, so the logo often depicts kind hands protecting a certain object. The contour of the palm is often stylized, achieving a deeper semantic meaning. Also, a logo with a hand image is suitable for companies working in the niches of tourism, event planning, construction, and various services. The hand can become a symbol for a company providing professional services in the areas of management and consulting.

Hand Institute Logo
Hand New Dream Logo
Luxury Nails Logo
Open Hand Logo

Which elements to choose?

The standard solution for a logo with a hand or hands is to use an open palm. In many cultures, it symbolizes positive qualities. Therefore, the logo can be used for international brands. Another option is outstretched palms. Stylization is not excluded; for example, write letters in the name of a company in a way such that they resemble outstretched fingers. A handshake is a classic element symbolizing friendliness, openness, and confidence. Focus on the purpose of the logo in the color scheme. For the hand, you can choose a natural color or a shade that expresses the desired mood.

Positive Connection Logo
Radiant Logo
Safe Hands Logo
Hand to Hand ZenBusiness logo

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Excellent 4.8 out of 5 stars 15,600 reviews

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