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General information

Police is a state service which is an indispensable to any civilized society. Police officers have a wide range of duties and responsibilities. They maintain order and peace, control traffic, investigate crimes, and perform other important functions. In some countries, police officers participate in rescue operations. Each police agency or department has their own emblem that highlights the values and goals of the organization.

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What brands use a police logo?

The Los Angeles Police Department logo is packed with graphic symbols that include Femida’s Scale of Justice, police badge, and silhouettes of people that represent the citizens of the city. Also, your logo can feature the national coat of arms or laurel wreath. On the Quebec Police logo, you can see a delicate lily which was borrowed from the coats of arms of the French royalty On the logo of the Federal Police Department of Australia, there are kangaroos surrounded by heraldic elements. London’s Metropolitan Police opted for a stylized depiction of a police badge paired with the Crown.

Quebec Police Logo
Australian Police Logo
Metropolitan Police Logo
Raccoon City Police Logo

What images to choose?

Despite some differences, police logos have some things in common. For examples, many emblems use a heraldic shield as a background. Also, they have the name of the police department written on it. The central symbol usually has to so with an important historic milestone or local sight. Also, it can be the coat of arms of a country or city. Crossed swords, guns, feral animals, etc. are other graphic solutions which are popular among police agencies.

Police Liberty City Logo
Police Municipale Logo
Police New York Logo
Police Officer Logo

What colors to choose?

Police emblems tend to use the colors of the national flag. Alternatively, you can opt for a simple visual solution, e.g. white inscription on black or blue background. For animals and sights, use more vibrant shades, such as red, light blue, and yellow. In some countries, logos of all state agencies (police departments included) must meet uniform design standards.

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