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General information

Helmet is a traditional piece of headwear. Regardless of its type, a helmet has one main function, which is to protect the head, ears, and – sometimes – face of its owner. A helmet has evolved from an armor piece to modern hard caps and pressure helmets for pilots and astronauts. Also, helmets and hard caps are used by construction workers, athletes (skateboarders, boxers, ski jumpers и т.п.), motorcyclists and bikers, equestrians, etc. This makes safety and protection the main symbolic meanings behind a helmet.

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What brands use a helmet logo

A helmet logo will suit a plethora of brands, communities, events, sports teams, and sports competitions. It’s a neat choice for weapon manufacturers and distributors, construction companies, and other businesses. If you head a baseball team, you can’t go wrong with this symbol either. Plus, helmet imagery can be often seen on the logos of aviation shows, space-themed exhibitions and conferences, etc.

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What images to choose

Think about what type of helmet will suit your business, team or event. For example, a heavy helmet worn by the Vikings or medieval knights will become a good visual symbol for a weapon store, museum, exhibition or festival. If you run a construction company, go for a specialized hard cap. Sport helmet is an obvious choice for a sports team or club.

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What colors to choose

What shades you choose will depend on your industry and the type of helmet you’re depicting on your emblem. If your helmet logo is featured on a logo of a sport team, feel free to use your team colors. For a hard cap, stick with shades of orange or white. For a warrior helmet, use black and grey to imitate the shining of steel. To create an edgy logo in line with modern trends, don’t overdo it with colors and constrain your palette to 1-2 main hues.

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