How to Create a Sword Logo?

A sword logo embodies strength, precision, and authority, making it an ideal choice for brands seeking a powerful and impactful visual identity.

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Adventure Time Logo

Symbolic meaning

Sword stands for many amazing qualities, such as decency, power, strength, fairness, leadership, and vigilance. On top of that, this mighty weapon is used as an allegory for justice, reason, consistency, and intelligence. These associations have made a sword an important part of religious symbolism. A logo with a sword on it has the power to highlight the positive qualities of your brand and draw smart historical parallels.

Assassin Sword Logo
Braveheart Logo
Excalibur Sword Logo
The Nicholls State University Logo

What brands use a sword logo

The logo of The Nicholls State University features a sword piercing letter N. SWORD Health, a major manufacturer of medical equipment, combines a red cross and lines of different lengths to create an image that closely resembles a sword blade. The marketers behind the iconic Game of Thrones franchise replaced letter T in the TV series name with a spectacular sword. On the emblem of the construction company Sword Construction UK, one can see a minimalist sword neatly incorporated into the brand name. (This is a unique case when the logo image makes reference to the name of the company founder.)

SWORD Health Logo
Game of Thrones Logo
Sword Construction UK Logo
Cleveland Cavaliers Logo

What images to choose

Unlike other weapons, sword has a simple structure, consisting of a sharp blade and handle. A cross-like silhouette of a sword is widely recognized visual element. Feel free to create an intricate or, on the contrary, minimalist image. You can put a sword into a frame, use it as a standalone graphic, or incorporate it into your business name. Many companies rely on a popular combination of a sword and shield. This powerful tandem stands for safety, protection, and readiness to overcome difficulties. Crossed swords are another neat illustration that symbolizes power, valiance, and cooperation.

Flying Sword Logo
Magic Sword Logo
Roman Logo
Wilkinson Sword Logo

What colors to choose

When creating a sword logo, companies stick with their corporate palette, or add a new shade that bears a new emotional connotation. For example, a red emblem conveys the idea of courage and decisiveness, while shades of blue symbolize confidence and self-reliance. Neutral hues are also a way to go. Using a sword as your focal image allows you to create a neat, edgy logo with 1-2 main colors.

Katana Logo
Sword and Scale Logo
Sword Logo
Arturs Sword ZenBusiness logo

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