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Symbolic meaning

Wall stands for consistency, solidity, inaccessibility, firmness, and protection. It’s the fundamental element of any building. Back in time, settlements and entire cities were surrounded by high and solid walls. People built walls to create a sense of safety and stability and protect themselves and their families from outside threats. Keep these connotations in mind when designing your wall logo. Versatile and powerful, this visual symbol will suit a wide spectrum of industries.

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What brands use a wall logo

Wall logo is a great choice for brands engaged in construction and real estate. If your company builds safety solutions, a wall is a way to go. The easiest way is to focus on direct associations. For example, by putting a wall on the logo of an attorney or legal firm, you’re saying to your clients that you can protect them from whatever scares and worries them.

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What images to choose

The most common icon is a brick wall. It’s an impactful image that instantly sends the right message. If you have your eyes set on another type of wall, add more visuals to help a viewer understand what they’re looking at. For example, you can add a house number, window, door, etc. If your target audience is mostly young people, spice up your emblem by painting graffiti on your wall. If your company name incorporates the word “wall”, you can rely on abstract graphics to build the right associations.

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What colors to choose

The most popular shades used in wall logos are red, brown, grey, and white. These are the real-life colors that doors tend to have. Using a brick wall gives you more freedom in terms of color choices. It might be nice to paint your brick wall black and white and couple it with your brand name or abbreviation.

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