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General information

The profession of a pilot is a hard and responsible one. It embraces people of different ages and background. There are those who obtain a pilot license for their own enjoyment. And there are those who work for airline companies and transport passengers or cargos. The main qualities of a pilot include courage, competence, and ability to concentrate. Pilot logos are used by a variety of organizations, including airline companies, training centers, specialized stores, etc.

Deaf Pilots Logo
gji Phantom Pilot Logo
Pilot Fins Logo
Pilot Freight Logo

What brands use a pilot logo?

On the Pilot Travel Centers logo, you can see a minimalist silhouette of a plane put inside a circle. Pilot Career Centre placed its company abbreviation against the globe with symbolic wings. A similar solution is used by the Portugal-based store Pilot Wings. Pilot Flight Academy came up with a simple and airy emblem that features a plane wing against the limitless sky. On the logotype used by Pilot Freight, letter “O” has an arrow which stands for movement and resembles a plane.

Pilot Travel Centers Logo
Pilot Career Centre Logo
Pilot Flight Academy Logo
Fighter Pilot Logo

What images to choose?

Choose images that create instant associations with planes and flying in general. The most common options include a plane, wings, control panel, etc. If you’re working on an abstract emblem, use smooth, flowing lines and arrows to communicate the idea of speed and movement. Also, don’t be afraid to play around with other images, such as paper plane or flying bird.

Pilot Logo
Runway Pilot Logo
Server Pilot Logo
Pilot Patrick Logo

What colors to choose?

When creating pilot emblems, designers don’t contain their imagination and use a vast array of colors, including blue, yellow, orange, red, green, etc. Shades of blue stand for the sky, while yellow is an established color code for the sun. Our tip is to stick with light, airy, and playful hues that make you think of freedom, fearlessness and strive for discovery.

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Pilot Wings Logo
Private Pilot Planet Logo
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Excellent 4.8 out of 5 stars 16,108 reviews

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