Work Faster Than All The Rest: Top Tips For Honing Your Touch Typing Skills

Typing fast and accurately is a fantastic skill to learn. Not only will it save you time and make you more productive, but it can also be an attractive quality when you are looking for work.

But how should you go about learning to type with speed and accuracy? Here are some of the best ways to go about learning this essential skill.

Choose a Good Keyboard

Start by choosing a good keyboard to learn on. This means one that feels comfortable to you, so you will want to try it out in the store if you can. Ergonomic keyboards can be good, but you may prefer a standard keyboard.

A tactile feel is also useful, which is where there is a noise when you press each key so you know you have pressed it properly. Mechanical keys are the best, so make sure you get one of these to practice on.

Sit Properly

The position you adopt when learning to type is very important It can prevent you from getting an aching neck and back, and the right position can also help you to type better, so get into a good habit from the start.

Sit up straight, make sure your back and neck are straight, and the top of the computer screen should be at eye level. Your elbows should be bent at a right angle, and this position will ensure you stay comfortable while typing.

Position of Hands

Learning how to position your hands on the keyboard is essential when you first start touch typing. You should position them over the keyboard, and your right index finger on the letter ‘J’ and your left index finger on the letter ‘F’. You may find that your keyboard has a little notch or bump so you can tell where these keys are without having to look.

Your left pinkie should then rest on the letter ‘A’, your right pinkie should rest on the semi-colon, and your other fingers should rest on the letters in between. In this position, you don’t need to move your wrists as you type, only your fingers.

It may seem uncomfortable at first, but it will soon feel very natural and it will help you to type faster and in comfort.

Keep Your Hands Flexible

You will need flexible hands to type. This often comes with practice, but at first you may feel a bit strange. As you start typing faster, your hands should become more flexible. However, you may want to use exercises to loosen them up, such as stretching your fingers and squeezing a ball.

Also take regular breaks to stretch your hands. You may want to take a break every few minutes to stand up, stretch your body, hands, and fingers, and this can prevent stiffness.

Learn Where the Letters Are

When you first start typing, it’s important to know the keyboard and where the letters are. Over time, you will memorize where the letters are so that you won’t even have to think about it. Typing mainly uses muscle memory so you don’t have to think about it at all, but it takes time.

One good way to practice is to choose a simple word and learn where the letters are. Type the letters out until you can type the word without looking, and do it again and again until you have memorized it. Then progress to new words, and you will find that this will help you to learn where all the letters are so you can increase your speed.

Play Typing Games

You may be able to find some online games to help you learn to type faster, so try them every day and you will see improvements. A good option is Typisto, where you can type out sentences against a timer and press enter to move onto the next sentence. It’s a fun way to increase your typing speed and become aware of your mistakes.

There are also many books, courses, and online tutorials you can use to help you, so find one that works for you.

Focus on Accuracy

To start with, focus on accuracy over speed. Once you become accurate, your confidence will increase, and you will naturally start typing faster. If you always go for speed, it will become frustrating as you will make more mistakes.

So slow down and work on getting the words right, and you will feel more in control. Then you will notice that your speed starts increasing.

Practice a Lot

Practice makes perfect, and the only way you are going to learn how to touch type with accuracy is to practice regularly. Do exercises that improve your skills, and simply keep on typing. Try to look away from the keyboard as much as possible, and after a while, you will notice that you are becoming better and better. Keep on typing, keep on improving, and you will soon be typing faster and with greater accuracy.

By: Josh Scott

Josh Scott works as a careers consultant and has experience working with students as well as older people looking to make a major career change.

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