How To Increase Productivity With 9 Tools For Freelance Writers

Freelance writing increased in potential as many waves of cultural up-shifts have led to improvement of lifestyles and imagination. Therefore more individuals are turning to freelancing for expressing their vantage point and earn prolifically along with gaining some attention. However, not all writing is acceptable and it is inevitable for writers to please the readers through their presentation. As now-a-days freelance writing has become a hybrid of artistic excellence and scientific precision, additional care should be levied for getting reputation. A writer has to consider so many aspects while writing a piece of information, be it formal or informal. Fortunately, World Wide Web provides with various tools to make writing an easy task.

Fundamental tools and websites for freelancers:

1. Imagination prompt generator

Imagination and proper beginning always mark the writer as a highly regarded person. This tool is built for both novice and professional writers who got stuck in the way and need a little push. By click of a button, random prompts appear on the screen and the visitor can use them for starting their sentences with quite an impression. These writing inspirations though appear minute can really quench the needs of freelancers who are seeking some motivation.

2. Write or Die

The word “deadline” always hovers in the mind of freelancers, as the field is time dependant. Prolongation is not acceptable freelancing, therefore “Write or Die” ensures through different modes that a writer keeps on going till the job is finished. This application works in a weird yet effective way and the goals are reached within the estimated time.

3. Rescue Time

For most writers who work on digital platforms distractions are major hurdles to reach the target within the designated period. This tool helps to assess the time spent on each website and gives weekly analysis through mail so the individual can lessen the time spent on unnecessary websites. Furthermore, such concise analysis can lead to improved concentration and more productivity. The tool is free to use with limited features, nonetheless there is a premium version which provides multiple options.

4. Readability

The art of writing depends heavily on accessing through various knowledge bases and digital world is a novel way to gain knowledge. However, the difficulty to completely focus on the content itself is visible due to many pop-ups, promotions, etc. “Readability” signup will make sure the desired information is read with minimum disturbances. Additionally, this application serves the purpose in multiple platforms making it very desirable for freelancers. The content can be bookmarked and read later or saved with this easy add-on.

5. Write My Essay

Any freelance writer can benefit more by approaching a writing consultancy to know the defects and fields of improvement. The following website is the most versatile writing agency with provision of editing and proofreading done by experts. Furthermore, a writer could utilize through the blog section containing various useful insights, Info-graphics, guides, etc.

6. Fotolia

Freelancers have to deal with an ocean of topics, image insertion or explanation becomes a prime asset for them. Although there are many images available through internet, they are not exclusive and result in image duplication. “Fotolia” provides solution to such problems as they offer more than 40 million pictures which are attractive and suitable for every genre. By inserting exclusive images the content appears authentic, rich and fresh.

7. Hemmingway app

Ernest Hemmingway is renowned for expression of his brisk in a lucid and uncomplicated manner. This tool designed based on his intentions about the style of writing highlights every aspect of a sentence that is hard to comprehend. Freelance writers can be benefited remarkably by this application because the amount of knowledge showered by “Hemmingway” is immense. This can be utilized by the individuals to know ways of making transparent presentations.

8. Help.Plagtracker

The most unfortunate situation a freelancer can land into is rejection of content by labeling it as ‘plagiaristic’. This condition can arise by accident or by getting over influenced by resource content. Plagtracker is regarded as the #1 site for plagiarism detection either for entire website or single texts. The tool strikingly notifies the plagiarized content which enables the writer to make appropriate changes and make the content unique. This tool effectively saves time for both the freelancer and the client as primary mistakes can be avoided effortlessly.

9. Freshbooks

Almost every professional freelancer is aware of “Freshbooks” tool as the designers specifically know ‘Accounting is not a part of writing’. It serves through multiple platforms and supports the economic necessities of a freelancer. In addition, billing and invoice generation, receiving payment from the client, etc. are done with ease. There is little requirement for manual accounting and paperwork eventually saving a lot of time and effort, making the writer to concentrate on his job.

In conclusion, a freelance writer who is seeking to advance with an aura of enormity around him/her should be knowledgeable about the paths to find higher grounds. The tools mentioned are certainly plentiful to go beyond normal expectations.

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