FAQ: Should I get an 800 number for my business?

Many entrepreneurs ask me:

Do I need to get an 800 toll-free number for my business?

The answer depends entirely on your business type and location.

NO for Businesses That Sell to Local Customers – Use Local Phone Numbers

Companies that sell services to customers within their local market area should not get a toll-free number. They have the local advantage and should use that in their marketing. If instead, you used an 800 telephone prospective customers may think that they are national chains or out of town firms, and be discouraged from purchasing.

Determine your market area and have a phone number with the same exchange as the geographic location as the majority of your customers. Some smart firms buy additional phone numbers for adjacent towns to appear local and get more customer inquiries from those neighboring cities.

It is super easy and cheap to order a local phone, cloud-based, from my recommended vendor FreedomVoice. See below how I order a local phone for my small business

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YES for Businesses that Sell Nationwide and E-commerce

If you sell to either consumers or businesses nationwide or are an e-commerce based company, an 800 toll-free phone number is a MUST. Anything that you can do to encourage prospects to call you to inquire about your services or place an order is to your sales advantage.

Online shoppers often have questions about merchandise, fit and color that they want to talk to a company representative. Make it easy for them to get their questions answered and place their order.

Also, some people are concerned about internet fraud and identity theft; they would prefer to speak to a live person and give the credit card information over the phone.

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Business Benefits of Toll-Free 800 Phone Number

Sales Increases
According to common sense, if a person is presented a choice of a toll-free number they will use the 800 phone number. Statistics prove that most customers purchase from the first company they call, so you want to be that call!

Company Credibility
Most consumers today think that an 800 number is an indicator of a larger, more professional organization and will gravitate towards purchasing there.

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Larger Orders
What it has is reported that firms with 800 phone numbers get a bigger average unit sale than one without. This is because the customer speaks with the operator and there is a sales opportunity to upsell additional items.

Lower Returns
Reducing returns is a major factor for online merchants. The fewer returns, the higher your profits. Having a toll-free number allows buyers an easy way to ask a question that may change their order selection to a product or size that is better suited for them – thus avoid the return.

Forward Calls Anywhere
Today’s technology, at our, recommend vendor FreedomVoice, allows you forward your toll-free phone calls to land lines, or cell phones. Your incoming caller will not be able to tell if their call is being answered in an office or the coffee shop.
Additionally, you can schedule the call forwarding to different phones are various times of the day.

Affordable Costs
Gone are the days of expensive phone services. FreedomVoice plans start at less than $10 per month.

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