8 Ideas for the Perfect Facebook Cover Photo

Wondering what kind of picture should you use for your Facebook cover photo? Here are eight ideas that will help your business stand out on Facebook.

At this point, you probably understand the value of Facebook for your business. Its merits have been touted everywhere, and it is undeniably popular universally. But the success truly is in the details when it comes to effectively marketing on Facebook, and one of those often overlooked details is the Facebook cover photo.  As a busy small business owner, there are probably a hundred things on your mind other than uploading a cover photo to your Facebook Page—it seems a bit inconsequential. But, an appealing cover photo can attract new customers and keep current fans engaged and coming back to your page.

However, finding the right image can be a challenge. Here are some great ideas to inspire you:

1. Create a collage

Collages are a simple yet fun way to display your business in a non-salesy way. The mixture of photos is eye catching, appealing, and very inviting. There are free online tools that can be used for creating collages and other types of Facebook Cover Photos.

2. Highlight your members or customers

Featuring your members or customers is another great use of the cover photo. Having an event? Capture a great shot during it. By highlighting a successful event, your loyal customers act as an endorsement for your outstanding business.

3. Feature your stunning location

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a picturesque business location—be sure to take advantage if you do. Photos of your storefront or business sign can make a wonderful cover photo.


4. Introduce your employees

Showing your employees in your cover photo is a great way to humanize your brand. It is good for your fans to recognize your business by the people that work there. It inspires trust and at the very least, a friendly face to relate to. Your customers don’t want to see models that are unknown to them, but rather the actual employees that are behind the brand and make it what it is.

5. Show off your products or services

Use your cover photo showcase what your business has to offer. By showing off your product services, your fans can better understand your business and its value.  The prominence of the cover photo provides a great space to display your products in a professional and eye-catching way.

6. Take an action shot!

This one might seem a bit more applicable for certain businesses—the ski resort can have a great action shot of people on the slopes, the bike shop can feature cyclists in action—but it can apply to a bunch of other business types as well. Get creative. Own a coffee shop? Take a cool action shot of the beverages making process. Run an inn? Feature action shots of guests visiting local attractions. The possibilities are endless when you put some thought into it.

7. Give a behind the scenes look

A panoramic photograph of your store is an excellent way to invite your fans in. This photo gives fans a glimpse inside the store that may trigger them to stop by sooner than they would have. Another great idea is to take your fans behind the scenes and showcase what they may not get to see — the ingredients of your product or the inner workings of your B2B.

8. Show your impact in the community

Use the cover photo to show the great community involvement of your business. Look at your cover photo as an opportunity to visually show fans what your business is, who you are and why you do it.

Keep things interesting…

It is important to keep things fresh and update your cover photo every once in a while. Take advantage of new seasons, special events, offers, and holidays to change your cover photo and customize it around the topic. (Don’t forget about Facebook’s cover photo !)

An impactful Facebook cover photo is an easy way to stand out on social media without spending tons of money on advertising.  Facebook is all about individual people connecting, so when you’re choosing the right cover photo for your page, think about what they’ll like as people, not just as potential customers.

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