Holiday Gifts: What do Business Employees Really Want

It’s that time of the year again when the pressure is on. What gift do you get for your employees? A gift that not only hits the right note but shows your appreciation and value of their work ethic throughout the year.

Add social distancing into the mix, where some of your staff members may be working remotely from home, and you could very well be in a quandary as to where to start.

And let’s face it, no one wants a cheap coffee mug or tie pin with their corporate logo emblazoned all over it. Employees can always tell when their company hasn’t put much thought into a gift, and it shows.

What Do Employees Really Want?

Or should that be what don’t they want? According to a survey by instantprint, socks, soap, cheap wine, and shower gel were all listed as some of the worst gifting options. While gift vouchers were cited as being the most popular gift, followed closely by an early finish with more men saying they would rather finish early.

Up the Gift Ante This Year

Yes, 2020 has been a challenging year for all. The challenges posed by COVID 19 has thrown a spanner into the festive swing of things. Being apart is the new normal, and through these unprecedented times, a gift reflecting your recognition of your employees wellbeing and sticking by you during this time won’t go unappreciated.

Awards2Go has come up with the perfect solution. Holiday gift cards for your employees. The cards are not retailer-specific and limiting and can be spent on any reward that pleases them.

Why A Holiday Gift Card

Quite simply, the holiday gift cards are versatile and scalable and better yet accepted by all retailers who accept debit cards in the Visa® network. No more headaches and time spent on sourcing the perfect gift. 

From 20 employees to 4,000, these prepaid cards are the gift solution for your employees. And for those working remotely, the virtual ‘e-gift’ card can be ordered and sent online. It’s as simple as that.

Make Your Gift Card Memorable

This is more than just a generic office gift, as each card can be personalized and include a special holiday message for your employees to let them know they are valued.

Recognize Your Employee’s Efforts

According to a new survey commissioned by Motovisity of 2000 workers, 58% said they have been working harder than ever in 2020, while half of the respondents, who worked remotely, said they hadn’t been given any recognition from their job in 2020. 

Why do they feel this way? Quite simply, it’s one of the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, with many employees feeling the need to overcompensate by working longer hours to enhance the perception they are indispensable.

Value Your Staff

While you may be busy working on your Christmas marketing ideas, something as simple as a well-thought-out holiday gift can boost your employee morale, loyalty, and productivity in the workplace. It shows you are aware of your staff’s contribution to the company during a very trying year and greatly value their input.

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