How to Be a Good Manager

Becoming a perfect manager is like rocket science. Every company has a different set of goals, expectations, team members, and company structure. Plus, there isn’t really an easy step-by-step guide on how to perfect a leadership role, but luckily, Fundera has connected the dots on some of the most common characteristics good managers have.

Whether you are a manager or waiting for an offer letter to come through in hopes you will be moving into the next phase of your career, this can set the framework moving forward. 

Really think about it, managers are in control of the biggest asset of a company; employees. Without a strong foundation of hardworking individuals, companies couldn’t succeed. Even with the constant push for more AI in the workplace, there is still a need for guidance leading technology on the right path.

Not only do you need a strong team, those teams need great managers to help lead them through every phase from recruiting top talent to maintaining work systems, procedures, and policies — managers are at the root of it all. 

Remember: Employees don’t leave their companies, they leave their employees. 

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Manager?

Managers didn’t just get handed the role of leading a team, they have worked their way up from showing their expertise in the industry. Whether that was learning the industry on their own time, or taking courses provided through their current position — they have earned their spot. Here are the 6 common characteristics successful managers have:


Successful leaders are able to influence their team to come into the office with their best selves every single day. They’re always looking at the big picture, and strategically thinking about what could be done and when to achieve their next set of goals. Being a thoughtful leader is a key trait when demonstrating and empowering a positive work environment. 

Expertise From Experience

Most of the time, leaders have years of experience under their belt. Through those experiences, they have learned the ins and outs of the industry and know exactly what needs to be done when tackling the hard tasks. Most importantly, successful managers have put in the needed time to master the industry they are managing. 


As a manager, you are the first person of contact when anything goals good or bad. Managers pick up the slack whenever needed, and answer all the questions and concerns of those that are hitting roadblocks stumping their growth. Show your honesty, trusting, and respect your team’s time, including your own whilst putting out fires and celebrating the great achievements. 

Time Management

Managers are in charge of their time and those on their team. Thoroughly understand what goals need to be met, and realistically how long it may take your team to get there. Doing so can allocate enough time to meet expectations successfully, reduce employee stress, and foster a positive work-life balance.


Communication is key in just about every relationship. Effectively communicate clear expectations can point team members in the right direction and ensure constant growth, even when tough times may hit. 


When managers combine their time management and communication skills to set clear expectations, it is all about putting those goals into action. Organizing steps to reach goals without adding stress to the team is a very strategic puzzle. The best manager host meetings frequently to communicate what is needed and keep every member on task and prepared to meet expectations. 

Even though there are characteristics great managers have in common, there are certain times and actions to put these practices into place. From providing your team with the right resources to onboard successfully to better understand the inner and outer workings of your business, all the way to staying consistent with your actions. Fundera has thought-up 7 ways to create consistent steps to becoming the best manager you can be in the infographic below:

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