How To Compress A Photo On Your Phone

You may need to compress a photo for many reasons. Doing so can help to reduce a file’s size, make it easier to send to someone else, or add to a PDF without making the PDF too large. Doing so on a computer is easy, but doing so on your phone may be more challenging, as it can be a bit more complicated – particularly if you don’t have the right type of program. Thankfully, there are many ways that you can still compress a photo. Here’s an overview of some of the easiest.

Adobe Acrobat

When it comes to compressing PDFs or compressing photos, Adobe Acrobat is an easy program to use and has fantastic mobile options. The specific steps that you’d follow depending on what type of phone you have and what version of Adobe you ultimately wind up downloading, but regardless, this option exists and can make it easy to compress a photo, thus enabling you to quickly and easily add the photo to a PDF.

Adobe is not only easy to use, but the program comes with a variety of other options that may be beneficial to you or your business. You can also add multiple photos into a PDF, add text, and compress the PDF, enabling you to better display all of your photos in a format that is still low on file size.


There are many websites that will allow you to upload a website, then spit out a compressed version. Usually, these websites will allow you to select from a series of options that make it easy for you to decide how compressed you want the file to be and if you want to shrink the file as well.

These websites usually work fine, but there are security and privacy concerns associated with them: You simply don’t know who is on the other end of the website and what they are doing with your data. As such, use extreme caution when using a website to compress your photo.


There are also many apps available in both the Apple or Google Play store that will allow you to compress these apps. Finding the right app – and one that will work for free and without ads – will unquestionably be a challenge, and it may take time for you to find an app like this that actually works. Furthermore, again, you’re not sure who is on the other end of the app, and it is always possible that it is someone looking to take your content and use it for nefarious ends. Of course, it’s also possible that any app you use will be completely fine – just make sure you are using caution in selecting such an app and that you research other user’s experiences with them. If you can ensure that the app comes from a reputable developer with a solid history, even better.

As you can see, there are many ways to compress a photo, even if you are using your phone. Just make sure to do your homework and select a method that is easy and protects your data.

By Robin Wilson

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