How to Use a Newsletter in Your Marketing Campaign

Email newsletters are very effective digital marketing tools. There are plenty of effective ways to use them in your marketing campaign to convert visitors into buying customers. A study conducted by the Monetate Company found that email marketing is nearly 4.24% more effective in completing a sale compared to customers and sales generated by social media and search engines.

Here’s a list of five distinct ways you can use your newsletters in your marketing campaign.

  1. Use them to tell the story of the company, taking the brand closer to the customer’s heart.
  2. Use the newsletters to inform your customers beforehand about a new product launch.
  3. Use newsletters to promote products that are on sale by enabling the customers to buy them right from their inbox.
  4. User testimonies can be showcased in your sales campaign through newsletters.
  5. Newsletters can generate immediate calls to action (CTAs) through their impressive templates and visually pleasing fonts.


Use newsletters to showcase the corporate social responsibility of a brand in your campaign. For example, if you’re a green brand, highlight how you indulge in responsible and biodegradable packaging. Showcase the ingredient list of all their natural products and how they replace artificial colors, odors, and chemicals used in cosmetics.

Use newsletters in your campaign for storytelling about how your efforts help families. If purchasing the brand helps make a positive impact on the lives of the poor, say so. Share your company history, vision, and the aim of the campaign through newsletters with your customers.

Inform customers about new launches

Newsletters are a great way to make customers feel special and close to the brand. Use newsletters in your campaign to inform them about a new product launch. Offer a sample to regular customers, collect their feedback, and give special pre-launch offers to make them try the new product.

If you send 1000 regular customers a newsletter offering them a sample, and 100 among them pre-book the product, then the new product already has demand in the market, making the marketing campaign a success.

You may also send samples without warning, like gifts. Use Nuwber to find where to send the gifts and enclose a card with some explanation. Encourage the receivers to provide feedback, which you can also later include in the newsletter,

Besides, you can easily get the satisfied customer to refer the new products to others for a small reward or loyalty points, which fetches more customers for the new product. Explaining referral programs through newsletters is much easier, as it provides more space than social media posts or ads.

The referral programs can be personalized, addressed directly to the customer. List their previous referrals and give them an achievable goal to refer and earn more.

Promoting Special Discounts

Email newsletters help in building a loyal community of customers, as it is the only form of promotion that reaches the customer’s inbox directly.

Convert customers into loyal buyers of the brand by sending them numerous special promotions and discounts through newsletters. Personalize the newsletter by mentioning their name, giving them a special birthday offer, etc., to strengthen the bond with them.

Track the products the customer buys frequently through the newsletter click-through rate and call to action. Try to sell the product in bulk for a discount to the customers.

Keep showcasing related products to their purchases and offers on them in your newsletter. If a customer purchases face wipes, show them a list of various aroma face wipes to encourage them to buy more. Offer them discounts if they buy three or more packs in a bundle.

These promotions are best done through newsletters in the inbox rather than ads or websites because there’s no guarantee the customer will visit the website regularly or click on ads. But, sending newsletters to their inbox is like gently patting them on the shoulder and guiding them on what else to buy.

Encouraging the Customer to Buy

Marketing is all about encouraging the customer to buy and increasing sales. Creative ads with pleasing colors, stunning visuals, animations, and catchy content are a must for any successful marketing campaign.

Use newsletters to showcase such pleasing content to customers in their inbox. Do good research and give importance to following the latest visual and color trends in your email newsletters to make them as pleasing and attractive as possible and increase your return on investment (ROI).

Ensure there are enough call-to-action buttons spread throughout the newsletter to allow the customer to buy. Make the newsletters as long as possible to give maximum information.

Minimize your marketing budget

Use newsletters effectively to minimize your marketing budget and measure precise results for future planning. Newsletters and sending emails using services like Mailchimp cost literally nothing compared to social media ads and promotions.

Imagine getting a few thousand customers for free using free email newsletter services. Online and social media ads will cost thousands to generate the same amount of visibility and buying customers.

Newsletters are very easy to track and give measurable results, which enables you to calculate your return on investment or ROI perfectly. Using them in your marketing campaign enables you to track:

  • Hyperlinks the customers click on
  • The call-to-action and buying rate and
  • The click-through rate of people opening your email

All these points are valuable to customize your marketing campaign toward buying customers and providing them with more offers.


Email newsletters are cheap and save a lot of money on your marketing campaign. Use special, customized, and personalized newsletters that can’t be found elsewhere. Use them effectively to showcase the story of your brand and build a loyal customer army to increase sales consistently.

John Pearson is a serial entrepreneur and writer who is passionate about helping small businesses launch and grow. His work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and Forbes.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for informational purposes only, and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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