7 Lesser Known iOS Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs in 2015

Smartphone (and tablet) apps help business owners be more productive and run their businesses on the go. You probably know about the most popular business apps, but don’t overlook these seven lesser known iOS apps.

Mobile applications have in recent years become an almost ubiquitous aspect of many small businesses. Some particular applications have been given more attention than others. However, just because a given application may have achieved a higher popularity than another application does not necessarily mean that the former is superior to the latter. In fact, having a wider array of applications available in your tool belt may offer your business a slight competitive edge. Heres a list of seven lesser known mobile applications that can help your business and keep you in the know.

Business Plan Premier, AppIt Ventures, LLC. Starting first on the list is Business Plan Premier from AppIt Ventures, LLC. This application, available for iOS devices, is designed to simplify the business plan writing process. With several features that can help companies through the entire process both painlessly and efficiently, it seems to be a more than worthy addition to any entrepreneur’s collection.

Service Task, Yodle, Inc. The second application on the list is primarily geared toward field service businesses such as HVAC, cleaning services, landscaping, and other similar services. Service Task allows managers to keep their field service team organized and on track. With features that help keep track of schedules and job details, notifications on changes, and even help with directions to the next job site, Service Task can be an extraordinarily helpful addition to your field service team.

herematch, Tangletech, Inc.  Herematch is an incredibly helpful tool for entrepreneurs looking for networking opportunities. If you happen to find yourself at a trade show, convention, conference, seminar, or networking event, herematch can sync with your LinkedIn account and seamlessly help match individuals with similar interests and goals. With the goal of helping entrepreneurs network more efficiently, herematch is most certainly worthy of consideration.

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Tiny Scanner, Appxy.  Tiny Scanner is a handy little app that allows the user to quickly scan documents with the camera on their iOS device and save it as a PDF file. It even features a batch mode to allow multiple scans to combine as a single PDF. With Tiny Scanner can also detect page edges, set the page sizes for PDF, quick search, and your protect documents with a password.

Pocket Letter, Mekos Corporation.  With Pocket Letter you can now easily create, send, and save professional letters and documents at any time and any place. Pocket Letter can share documents via email in a PDF format, duplicate similar documents, adjust font sizing, add images, and can even integrate with your calender.

Analytiks, Blatt Labs.  Analytiks is an app that harvests the data from the user’s free Google Analytics account and renders it in a more cohesive and approachable format. With Analytiks, a user can track their traffic from Google and social media, list referral sites, view graphs, and get up to date information on the general influx of traffic to their website. Information derived from tracking a websites analytics data can be extremely helpful in determining things like marketing strategies, and that makes Analytiks a very helpful tool.

IFTTT.  IFTTT, an abbreviation for “If This Then That”, is an application that seeks to make connections between various other applications, with the aim of increasing one’s productivity and efficiency between tasks. The point is to quickly automate tasks one might normally perform manually. These connections, called “recipes,” are created and maintained by the IFTTT community and are organized by category into “channels” depending on task needed. Some examples of recipes are: automatically wish facebook friends happy birthday, save iOS reminders to Evernote, Speak notes to Evernote using Siri and iOS reminders, save new contacts to a Google Spreadsheet, and many more. With community driven development, the list of available recipes is constantly growing.


The sheer volume of applications in the Apple App Store marketplace can often mean that some great applications may be overlooked by the average user. Hopefully with this list you may have found an application that could change your overall effectiveness and productivity, and ultimately help your business grow.

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