Key Benefits Of Mobile Applications And How Can They Help Your Business Thrive

Mobile applications are a vital part of the modern connected world. People can seamlessly order groceries, buy a ticket, or watch a movie with the help of an application. Meanwhile, businesses can use them to deliver their services and for other business functionality.

According to Statista, the combined number of applications in Google Play Store and the Apple App Store was 5,7 million in the first quarter of 2021. This amount can slightly change because app stores delete those applications that are of low quality or may pose a risk to users’ privacy and security. Thus, when developing an application, businesses need to look for reliable provider that can ensure the quality and security of a product.

What is a custom application?

Another dilemma that companies face when it comes to application development is whether to choose ready-to-use solutions or custom application development. Off-the-shelf solutions are usually easy to implement and low-priced. However, they turn out to be ineffective when it comes to adaptability and meeting changing needs of companies or consumers. Pre-developed applications usually have one design for all and impose a subscription fee for further use of such applications.

On the contrary, custom applications are specifically tailored to your business needs. Apart from mobile apps, custom application development services include customer relationship management systems (CRMs), e-commerce marketplaces, business process automation (BPA), and many more. Such software is developed for a single client who describes all the functionalities and processes it should have.

App Development Process

The process of tailored application development usually has four main stages:

  • Idea validation. The service provider and client define precise requirements and create a project’s roadmap.
  • Development. The development team prepares custom solutions according to set requirements with the help of innovative technologies.
  • Application testing. The service provider goes through the functional requirements of a custom app and its quality.
  • Project governance. This stage involves deployment of the product in the client’s environment and reporting on the following progress.

Top advantages of custom mobile app development

There are many benefits that a custom mobile app can bring for your business, including productivity boost and gaining competitive advantage. Let’s go through some key reasons why one should consider a customised solution:

  • Personalisation. A tailored solution is the most effective way to satisfy your customer needs. The app is developed with specific functionality and design, keeping your audience in mind. It can help to create a unique identity in the competitive environment and enhance customer engagement.

Apart from your app’s unique design and features, combining it with analytics tools can improve your personalisation strategies. You can easily define the preferences of your audience and each individual and provide them with customised deals and offers.

  • Flexibility. Off-the-shelf solutions usually have a limited number of functions and resources, and it is hard to add some new functionality. In comparison, custom apps can be adjusted accordingly to the scope of your business. In case the business scope expands, so can be done with the application’s features.
  • Security. The custom-made solution can offer more enhanced protection than a pre-developed one. For example, you can choose between on-premises and cloud storage, define different access permissions for other users, set several levels of authentication. Furthermore, the development team tests the app to identify possible bugs and remove all issues before the release. Multiple configuration options available for custom apps provide more excellent data safety and security.
  • Effective maintenance. While opting for ready-to-use solutions, you don’t know the app developer and how reliable he is. It puts app security and quality at risk. Moreover, platforms that offer such apps can discontinue the app for a reason, for example, deny you access to your app if the subscription is cancelled. In such a case, you can lose all the data you have, customers and their loyalty. By developing a custom mobile app, you completely own it. Your information and access to it is entirely in your control. Moreover, since you own the app, no further payments are required unless you decide to add some features or make some other changes.
  • Better marketing strategies. Off-the-shelf solutions are often built on a developer webpage, leaving you with no personal link to the app. It makes it way more challenging and even impossible to promote the app and reach new customers. Meanwhile, owning an app creates many opportunities for marketing, including a webpage featuring your app with a unique link, Google Play Store, Apple App Store, social media channels, etc. Moreover, a user is more likely to encounter your app while surfing the web, resulting in higher organic search traffic.

Final thoughts

Mobile apps help businesses to stand out in the competitive business environment. However, you should consider all the options and choose the best fit for you. Suppose you decided to go for developing an app but have no experience. In that case, it is better to partner with an experienced provider that will guide you through the process and help to deliver a high-quality product.

By Stan Roach

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