To Make Your Copy Sell, Make A Personal Connection

Make Your Ad Copy Sell: When composing your ad copy, don’t make the mistake of trying to talk to all of your customers at once. Instead, pretend you are talking to just one customer, in person. Here’s why it works, and how.

Copywriting is, in it’s most basic form, a salesman. You aren’t there in person to speak with the prospective customer so your advertising copy does it for you. It answers questions, provides information and (hopefully) guides them to make a purchase. But one thing in particular that gets overlooked very often is the personal connection. This element is vital in creating copy that sells.

During an “in person” sales process, a personal connection develops between you and the customer. This link is extremely important in being able to close the sale. Being able to create that same bond through your copy makes all the difference in the world.

There are several tricks of the trade that pros use when writing copy that needs to strike a chord. The most common – and the most neglected by amateurs – is speaking directly to one person.

When you begin to write your copy, think of one customer at a time. In person, you normally wouldn’t speak to hundreds of clients at once. You would usually speak one-on-one. Relay that in your copy.

Rather than writing, “Everyone will benefit from this new, improved cellular phone because…” think of writing “You will benefit from this new, improved cellular phone because…” By speaking to one customer rather than a group, the message is personalized and becomes a bit more friendly.

A tactic I like to use is visualizing a client. I continually think of this one person as I begin to write. By targeting my advertising message and language to that individual, I am able to write more of a “letter” than an advertisement. I am also able to make the copy personal on an individual level.

Let me offer you a few other tips that will help in making a connection with your clients:

1. Use “you or your” instead of “we or us”.

2. Include personal examples rather than general examples. If writing to hair stylists, include examples specific to them.

3. Know your target audience very well. This is the only way you will be able to communicate with them on a personal level.

4. Write using the language of your target audience. Include industry buzz words and jargon when appropriate.

Customers will feel an attraction to copy that reaches out specifically to them. In a world where most advertisers are speaking to the masses, be sure to give yours an advantage by speaking personally to those you wish to do business with.

Copyright 2001 Karon Thackston

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