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Looking for unique name ideas for your makeup, beauty, or cosmetic company? Here are hundreds of the best, most creative, and catchy naming ideas for makeup artists, cosmetic products, and beauty stores.

Together let’s name your makeup business beautifully!

Here are my best cosmetic company name ideas for your beauty industry startups to help build your business beautifully.

Makeup Beauty Name Ideas

Catchy Makeup Cosmetic Name Ideas

Advantage Makeup
Allied Glamour
Amber Makeup
Appear Glamourous
Beguiling Makeup
Boost Makeup
Brazen Glamour
Captivate Makeup
Cheeky Makeup
Club Glamour
Creative Glamour
Crystals Makeup
Dame Makeup
Dapper Makeup
Dare to Glamour Bright
Dream Makeup
Elegance Makeup
Elixir Makeup
Essential Makeup
Ethereal Makeup
Extra Glamour Serving
Fly Makeup
Genuine Beauty Makeup
Glamour City
Glamourology Makeup
Glamour Drops
Harmonious Shades Makeup
Intensity Makeup
Kicks Makeup
Lotus Lovely
Luring Makeup
Madonna Lips
Mode Glamour
Naked Makeup
Nude Makeup
Picturesque Makeup
Platinum Glamour
Pop Makeup
Princess Glamour
Rose Gold Glamour
Ruby Glam
Secret Makeup
Tiger Makeup
Unforgettable Glamour
Venus Makeup
Wise Glamour Makeup
World Glamour Makeup
Youthful Glamour

Creative Skin Care Beauty Name Ideas

A-Line Skincare
Able Skincare
Acclaimed Skincare
Action Skin
Addiction Skincare
Adore Skincare
Advanced Skincare
Aesthetic Skincare
Affordable Skincare
Agile Skincare
All-Out Skincare
Allure Skincare
Amore Skincare
Ardor Skincare
Aristocrat Skincare
Aspire Skin
Assured Skincare
Attract Skincare
Authentic Skin
Ava Skincare
Avenue Skincare
Avid Skincare
Bash Skin
Beach Skincare
Blazing Skincare
Blend Skin
Bloom Skincare
Bomb Skincare
Bonjour Skin Creams
Boss Skincare
Botanical Skincare
Boudoir Skincare
Bounce Skincare
Bounty Skincare
Bright Skincare
Brilliant Skincare
Brisk Skincare
Butterfly Skin
Calm Skin Treatments
Candy Skincare
Charm Skincare
Cheeky Skincare
Cherish Skincare
Click Skin
Confidence Skincare
Connect Skincare
Connection Skincare
Contour Skin
Craft Skin Treatments
Dame Skin
Dapper Skincare
Darling Skincare
Dazzle Skincare
Decadent Skincare
Deep Skin Treatments
Define Skincare
Defy Skin Treatments
Delicacy Skincare
Delight Skincare
Deluxe Skincare
Destiny Skincare
Devote Skincare
Diamond Skincare
Divine Skincare
Dominate Skincare
Don Skincare
Dragonfly Skincare
Dramatic Skincare
Dream Skincare
Earthly Skincare
Easy Skincare
Elegant Skin Treatments
Elevated Skincare
Empress Skincare
Endless Skincare
Enlivening Skincare
Enrich Skincare
Entangle Skincare
Epic Skincare
Era Skincare
Erase Skincare
Essential Skincare
Essentials Skincare
Ethereal Skincare
Ethical Skincare
Excite Skincare
Exemplary Skincare
Exhibit Skincare
Exotic Skincare
Expose Skincare
Extract Skincare
Extravagance Skincare
Fab Skincare
Fad Skincare
Faith Skincare
Fall Skincare
Fame Skincare
Familiar Skincare
Fantasy Skincare
Fascinating Skincare
Fascination Skincare
Fast Skincare
Fetching Skincare
Figure Skincare
Find Skincare
Finesse Skincare
First Skincare
First-Choice Skincare
Fix Skincare
Flair Skincare
Flame Skincare
Flash Skincare
Flatter Skincare
Flavour Skincare
Flex Skincare
Flip Skincare
Flossy Skincare
Flutter Skincare
Food Skincare
Forever Skincare
Formula Skincare
Fortitude Skincare
Forward Skincare
Foster Skincare
Fountain Skincare
Foxy Skincare
Free Skincare
Freya Skincare
Frill Skincare
Frost Skincare
Gaia Skincare
Galore Skincare
Gaze Skincare
Gene Skincare
Genesis Skincare
Glance Skincare
Global Skincare
Grace Skincare
Grande Skincare
Groove Skincare
Happening Skincare
Harp Skincare
Haste Skincare
Hazel Skincare
Heal Skincare
Healing Skincare
Heaven Skincare
Hera Skincare
Heritage Skincare
Hitch Skincare
Honest Skincare
Honey Skincare
House Skincare
Hush Skincare
Hustle Skincare
Hydra Skincare
Hypnotic Skincare
Icon Skincare
Idol Skincare
Image Skincare
Imperial Skincare
Ineffable Skincare
Inspired Skincare
Intense Skincare
Intensity Skincare
Intentions Skincare
Intrigue Skincare
Invigorate Skincare
Jade Skincare
Jasmine Skincare
Jazz Skincare
Joy Skincare
Juicy Skincare
Juliet Skincare
King Skincare
Kissable Skincare
Kitten Skincare
Kitty Skincare
Lacey Skincare
Lapis Skincare
Lavish Skincare
Lax Skincare
Learn more
Lifestyle Skincare
Lift Skincare
Light Skincare
Limitless Skincare
Lineage Skincare
Lion Skincare
Lioness Skincare
Lit Skincare
Livid Skincare
Living Skincare
Lola Skincare
Lost Skincare
Lotus Skincare
Lucent Skincare
Luminescent Skincare
Luscious Skincare
Lust Skincare
Lux Skincare
Madras Skincare
Magnolia Skincare
Majestic Skincare
Mane Skincare
Manner Skincare
Mantle Skincare
Marine Skincare
Martyr Skincare
Mash Skincare
Master Skincare
Matrix Skincare
Mink Skincare
Modern Skincare
Moisture Skincare
Morovi logo domainify
Naked Skincare
Natural Skincare
Nifty Skincare
Nomad Skincare
Nourish Skincare
Optimum Skincare
Ordered Skincare
Organica Skincare
Osiris Skincare
Outpost Skincare
Outright Skincare
Pantry Skincare
Paramount Skincare
Pavement Skincare
Paw Skincare
Paxara logo domainify
Perfect Skincare
Pharaoh Skincare
Phenom Skincare
Picturesque Skincare
Pigment Skincare
Platinum Skincare
Plumping Skincare
Plush Skincare
Polished Skincare
Posh Skincare
Primary Skincare
Prince Skincare
Profuse Skincare
Prominent Skincare
Promise Skincare
Propel Skincare
Public Skincare
Push Skincare
Quaint Skincare
Qualified Skincare
Radiate Skincare
Rare Skincare
Ravish Skincare
Raw Skincare
Recover Skincare
Refresh Skincare
Regency Skincare
Regent Skincare
Relief Skincare
Remarkable Skincare
Remedy Skincare
Renown Skincare
Repair Skincare
Resolve Skincare
Resort Skincare
Revolve Skincare
Rich Skincare
Ritual Skincare
Riveting Skincare
Robe Skincare
Roll Skincare
Romeo Skincare
Rose Skincare
Royal Skincare
Runway Skincare
Rush Skincare
Sage Skincare
Sapphire Skincare
Seduce Skincare
Sense Skincare
Sentiment Skincare
Serenity Skincare
Series Skincare
Serum Skincare
Share Skincare
Sharp Skincare
Sheeny Skincare
Sheer Skincare
Silhouette Skincare
Silk Skincare
Simply Skincare
Sinful Skincare
Siren Skincare
Smitten Skincare
Snap Skincare
Snappy Skincare
Snug Skincare
Solved Skincare
Sombre Skincare
Sonic Skincare
Soul Skincare
Spank Skincare
Spellbound Skincare
Sphynx Skincare
Spike Skincare
Splendour Skincare
Stallion Skincare
Steamy Skincare
Stitch Skincare
Story Skincare
Strange Skincare
Street Skincare
Strike Skincare
Sugar Skincare
Sultana Skincare
Superb Skincare
Superior Skincare
Sway Skincare
Sweetheart Skincare
Taking Skincare
Tempean Skincare
Think Skincare
Threads Skincare
Thrill Skincare
Tiger Skincare
Titan Skincare
Topic Skincare
Total Skincare
Trend Skincare
Ultimate Skincare
Uncensored Skincare
Uniform Skincare
Unity Skincare
Universal Skincare
Unlimited Skincare
Urge Skincare
Valley Skincare
Valor Skincare
Value Skincare
Vanilla Skincare
Venom Skincare
Village Skincare
Ville Skincare
Virtue Skincare
Vision Skincare
Vitality Skincare
Vivid Skincare
Vixen Skincare
Vogue Skincare
Wellness Skin Treatments
Wisdom Skincare
Wish Skincare
Wonders Skincare
Young Skin
Yum Skincare
Zephyr Skincare
Zip Skincare

Name Ideas for Nail Polish Enamel Products

Does your firm create and sell nail polish, enamels, nail growth treatments and nail art accesories? Check out these shiny names for your nail enamel product line.

Elan Nails
Electrify Nails
Electrifying Brilliant
Element Nails
Emergence Brilliant
Empress Nails
Energise Nails
Enticing Brilliant
Entrance Brilliant
Enviable Nails
Errorless Brilliant
Exalted Brilliant
Fame Brilliant
Femme Nails
Fetching Nails
First-Choice Nails
Fit Brilliant
Flash Brilliant
Flossy Nails
Fond Nails
Forever Brilliant
Form Brilliant
Foxy Brilliant
Foxy Nails
Galvanic Brilliant
Go Brilliant
Goodness Brilliant
Grace Nails
Grande Nails
Harp Nails
Herb Nails
Honest Brilliant
Hydrate Brilliant
Infinite Nails
Insignia Nails
Inspired Brilliant
Intensive Brilliant
Kick Brilliant
Kin Brilliant
Lacey Nails
Launch Nails
Learn more
Lifted Nails
Lilac Nails
Limitless Brilliant
Limitless Nails
Lit Nails
Lucent Brilliant
Luxura Nails
Martyr Nails
Marvel Brilliant
Mash Nails
Measured Nails
Lust Brilliant
Million Dollar Nails
Mode Brilliant
Morale Brilliant
Naked Brilliant
Nalora Enamels
Nest Brilliant
Nimble Brilliant
Nomad Nails
Notch Nails
Nourish Nails
Nutrient Brilliant
Obsidian Brilliant
Onyx Nails
Optimum Brilliant
Panda Nails
Panther Nails
Pavement Nails
Photogenic Nails
Pigment Brilliant
Platinum Brilliant
Plumping Brilliant
Plush Nails
Prima Nails
Principle Nails
Promise Brilliant
Radiance Nails
Radiate Brilliant
Ravish Brilliant
Recover Brilliant
Reflect Nails
Reliable Brilliant
Remarkable Nails
Ritual Nails
Romance Brilliant
Salve Nails
Serenity Nails
Share Brilliant
Sheeny Brilliant
Shine Ablaze
Shine Achieve
Shine Allurement
Shine Ample
Shine Athena
Shine Attractive
Shine Azraa
Shine Become
Shine Blank
Shine Blurred
Shine Bones
Shine Brilliant
Shine Castaway
Shine Classics
Shine Classy
Shine Clinical
Shine Coco
Shine Cosmic
Shine Cove
Shine Current
Shine Decadent
Shine Defy
Shine Deluxe
Shine Draft
Shine Drape
Shine Duchess
Shine Dune
Shine Dusk
Shine Dynasty
Shine Eclipse
Shine Enchantress
Shine Encore
Shine Ethereal
Shine Evermore
Shine Evolve
Shine Fathom
Shine Flair
Shine Flattering
Shine Flex
Shine Freya
Shine Gaia
Shine Galore
Shine Habitat
Shine Harmony
Shine Hitch
Shine Hot
Shine Jacquard
Shine Kin
Shine Lasting
Shine Lavish
Shine Livid
Shine Lola
Shine Luxuriant
Shine Madam
Shine Mantle
Shine Matte
Shine Misguided
Shine Passional
Shine Phenom
Shine Pop
Shine Riveting
Shine Road
Shine Roll
Shine Scintillant
Shine Shining
Shine Snazzy
Shine Society
Shine Splendorous
Shine Stylish
Shine Symmetry
Shine Uniform
Shine Urbane
Shine Vagabond
Shine Victoria
Shine Ville
Shine Vivid
Shine Wear
Simple Brilliant
Siren Brilliant
Solutions Nails
Sonnet Brilliant
Sound Brilliant
Sparkle Appeal
Sparkle Approach
Sparkle Barebone
Sparkle Baron
Sparkle Behold
Sparkle Capri
Sparkle Captivate
Sparkle Certain
Sparkle Chic
Sparkle Dazzle
Sparkle Delight
Sparkle Desire
Sparkle Divine
Sparkle Dusk
Sparkle Effect
Sparkle Electrify
Sparkle Elfin
Sparkle Endless
Sparkle Expose
Sparkle Extract
Sparkle Extravagance
Sparkle Fab
Sparkle Faith
Sparkle Fascinate
Sparkle Finest
Sparkle First
Sparkle Flossy
Sparkle Foxy
Sparkle Frill
Sparkle Glamour
Sparkle Glow
Sparkle Harmonious
Sparkle Harmony
Sparkle Hummingbird
Sparkle Hydra
Sparkle Illuminating
Sparkle Insight
Sparkle Intensive
Sparkle Intimate
Sparkle Jade
Sparkle Joy
Sparkle Laced
Sparkle Launch
Sparkle Lost
Sparkle Majesty
Sparkle Method
Sparkle Milk
Sparkle Optimum
Sparkle Organic
Sparkle Planet
Sparkle Praise
Sparkle Proper
Sparkle Quick
Sparkle Refresh
Sparkle Roll
Sparkle Romance
Sparkle Serum
Sparkle Smashing
Sparkle Special
Sparkle Stately
Sparkle Sturdy
Sparkle Thrill
Sparkle Tickle
Sparkle Token
Sparkle Tuck
Sparkle Unlimited
Sparkle Venom
Sparkle Ville
Sparkle Virtue
Sparkle Warrior
Sparkle Wrap
Stunner Nails
Style Brilliant
Sugar Nails
Threads Brilliant
Thrive Brilliant
Uniform Brilliant
Urge Brilliant
Valiant Nails
Value Nails
Vanity Nails
Velocity Nails
Venus Nails
Vibe Brilliant
Village Nails
Ville Nails
Virtue Brilliant
Vogue Nails
Warm Nails
Wear Brilliant
Wise Nails

Cool Makeup Lipstick Name Ideas

If your cosmetic product line is primarily lip products such as lip balms, glosses, and lipsticks, check out these luscious lipstick name ideas

Accentuate Lipstick
Access Lips
Action Lipstick
Adept Lips
Admire Lips
Admire Lipstick
Adoring Lips
Advantage Lipstick
Aesthetic Lipstick
Affinity Lips
Affinity Lipstick
Alley Cat Lips
Alpha Lips
Amore Lips
Artful Lipstick
Attractive Lips
Ava Lips
Bar Lips
Bare Exposed Lips
Bare Lipstick
Bashful Lipstick
Being Lips
Belle Lips
Beyond Lips
Beyond Lipstick
Big Ego Lips
Bohemian Lips
Boho Lipstick
Bold Lips
Boss Lipstick
Brightness Lips
Bunny Lips
Caramel Licks
Charmed Life
Colorist Lipstick
Colorway Lipstick
Connection Lipstick
Crazy Lips
Crystal Lipstick
Dame Lipstick
Diva Lips
Dogma Lips
Dream Lipstick
Dusk Lipstick
Element Five Lips
Elf Lips
Embrace Me Lips
Empowered Lipstick
Endless Lips
Erotic Lips
Evolved Beauty
Excite Lipstick
Exotic Lips
Extravagant Lipstick
Faith in Lipstick
Fat Lips
Femme Lips
Flossy Lips
Funky Lips
Glam Lips
Glamour Lipstick
Global Lips
Golden Lips
Grande Lips
Heaven Licks Lipstick
Honest Lips
Honey Lipstick
Hush Lips
Instant Lipstick
Jaded Lipstick
Jaguar Lips
Jazz Lips
Juicy Lips
Juliet Lips
Kiss Lipstick
Kissable Lipstick
Kitty Lipstick
Laced Lips
Lavish Lips
Leopard Lipstick
Lip Bombs
Lipstick Aid
Loyal Lips
Luscious Lips
Lust Lips
Lust Lipstick
Luxe Lips
Luxe Lips
Madame Lips
Milk Lipstick
Mink Lipstick
Misfits Lipstick
Modish Lips
Naked Lips
Natural Lips
Nude Lips
Peek Lipstick
Pigment Lipstick
Pleasure Lipstick
Posh Lips
Promise Lipstick
Queen Lips
Renew Lipstick
Romeo Lipstick
Rose Lips
Rover Lips
Rover Lipstick
Ruby Lipstick
Sin Lips
Smart Lips
Soulmate Lipstick
Spank Lips
Tasty Lipstick
The Cure Lipstick
Thrive Lips
Thrive Lipstick
Tickle Lipstick
Tight Lipstick
Tingle Lips
Tingle Lipstick
Topic Lips
Total Lipstick
TRUE Lipstick
Trust Lipstick
Tuck Lips
Tuck Lipstick
Tulip Lips
Type Lips
Ugly Lipstick
Ultimate Lips
Ultimate Lipstick
Ultra Lipstick
Unforgettable Lipstick
Unite Lipstick
Urge Lips
Urge Lipstick
Vanilla Lipstick
Visage Lipstick
Vixen Lips
Vogue Lipstick
Void Lipstick
Voluptuous Lips
Wish Lips
Zip Lips

Crafty Home Fragrance Names Ideas

The home fragrance market is booming. If you create and sell air freshener room sprays, fragrant potpourri or scented candles here are some name ideas for your company.

Domicile Scents
Hearth Candles
Lily Air
Breezeway Home Fragrances
Lanai Scents
Sparks of Faith Candles
Scented Decor
Decorator Fragrances
Wood & Marble Aromas
Cedar Earth Pine Organics
Haystack Lights Candle Company

Baby Skin Care Brand Name Ideas

If you are developing a cosmetic line for delicate baby skin these name ideas will be perfect

Baby’s First Bath
Petal Soft Skincare
Heaven Organic Baby Care
Love Your Butt Skin Treatments
Newly Born Cosmetics
Skin Birth
Premiere Products

Cosmetic Sunscreen Tanning Products Name Ideas

Specialized tanning and sunscreen products require brilliant sunshiney brand names like these

Sun Off Tanning
Sunny Dispositions
Bronze Goddess
Beach Riveria
Hot Hot Hot Tanning Products
In The Tropics Sun Line
Golden Brown Products
Kiss of the Sun Bronzers
Greek God Tans
Sun-kissed Cheeks Facial Bronzer

Beauty Services Company Names Ideas

Here are names for you beauty entrepreneurs who offer services such as freelance make-up artistry, nail art, manicures, facials, eyebrow, and eyelashes.

Makeup Artist Name Ideas

Paint Me Pretty Makeup Artists
Rouge Babes
Powder Puffs Makeup Artists
Beauty My Bella
Beauty Gleam
Beauty How-To’s
Beauty Hub
Pretty Paints Makeup Artists
Rouge Me Up Makeup Artists
Beauty Kiss
Makeup Spot
My Pretty Place
Made Up Now Makeup Artists
Blushed Makeup Arts
Boldy Beautiful
Brains and Beauty
Bright Glow Makeup Artists
Chic Talc
Contoured with Care
Cosmetic Love Makeup Artists
Crystal Eyes
Diamond Polish Makeup Artists
Elite Eyes
Face It Makeup Artists
Full On Beauty
Glamour Styled
Golden Glow
Ideal Smile Makeup Artists
Luxe Beaute
Makeover Pals
Makeup Pros
Mascara Maniacs
Pigments and Paint
Queen of Beauty
Realz Glow
Satin Finish Makeup Artists
Show Stoppers Beauty
Smear Me Beautiful
Stunning Makeup Artists
Touch Up Beauty
You More Beautiful

Nail Manicures & Nail Art

As a trained nail technician you make a profit from your talents in manicures, pedicures, nail growth treatments, and nail art. These super shiny names are sure to impress your nail clients:

Aces Brilliant Nail Polish
Action Nail Enamel
Active Nail Enamel
Adept Brilliant
Admire Brilliant
Affinity Nails
Alaska Brilliant
Alley Nail Enamel
Alliance Nail Polish
Amore Brilliant
Angora Brilliant
Approve Nails
Ascend Nails
Astound Brilliant
Athens Nails
Authentic Nails
Barebone Nail Polish
Baron Nails
Behold Nails
Being Brilliant Polish
Bite Brilliant
Bliss Nail Enamel
Blurred Nails
Smudged Enamel
Boho Brilliant
Boosts Brilliant
Botanica Brilliant
Bridal Brilliant
Cabana Nails
Candy Nail Shines
Captivating Paints
Caring Enamel
Cherish Nail Polish
Chief Brilliant
Cleanse Nails
Cleopatra Nails
Club Brilliant
Complete Brilliant
Continental Nails
Cool Brilliant
Cool Nails
Core Brilliant
Coverage Brilliant
Craft Nails
Creative Nails
Cub Brilliant
Daisy Brilliant
Darling Nails
Dart Brilliant
Dazzle Nails
Define Brilliant
Defy Nails
Delilah Nails
Desire Brilliant
Divine Nails
Dona Nails
Draft Brilliant
Dream Nails
Drive Nails
Dud Brilliant
American Nails
Tip Top Tips
Lush Polish Services
Nail Addiction
Bejeweled Nails
Edgy Nail Art
Talons & Toes
Gloss Nail Bar
Nail Base

Eyebrow and Lash Extensions

Eyebrow shaping and enhancing such as mircoblading can be excellent money-making beauty services. Plus you could offer lash extensions as an additional service. Here are some unique eyebrow and lash business names:

Lush Lash Life
Bushy Brows Gone
Brow Joy
Sugar Eyes
Lovely Lashes

Facial and Anti Aging Treatments Names

Luxe Skin Care Services
Glow On Facials
Youthful Smiles
Beautifully Yours
Beauty Resort
Blush Rush
Exhale Spa

Haircuts, Hair Color, and Styling Salon Names

Elan Hair Services
Girl Gone Gorgeous
Smart + Glam
Plush Beauty Salon
Hair Colorology
Beauty Lord
RootZ Hair
Mane Avenue
Chop Shop
Get Buzzed

How to Name Your Makeup Business

The name you choose for your makeup beauty business is one of the most important decisions you will make as a new cosmetic entrepreneur. It’s because your beauty company and product names have the power to communicate your unique and attractive benefits to customers. 

Powerful names can greatly impact your business’s perception in new clients’ minds.  I will help you come up with a catchy makeup business name to attract beauty customers to build your business.  

Come let’s get busy naming your makeup artistry, cosmetic line, beauty spa, nail enamel product line. …

Step 1 – Determine Branding Position

Before you can come up with a unique makeup business name you need to get clear on your branding position. What types of cosmetic services and products are you offering? Who are your target customers? What makes your beauty business special and different?  

A strong branding position will attract paying customers to your establishment that will appreciate your talent and refer their friends.  This will make your marketing easier because you will know exactly what your unique benefits are. Come along as we develop your makeup branding in two easy steps. 

Your Makeup Business Difference vs Competitors

What “position” do you want to claim a stake in your customer’s minds as opposed to your competitors? 

Is your business MORE fashion-forward, experts at stage makeup, focused on middle-age makeup tips, great at teaching makeup artistry, tops in pampering, fastest, most convenient?   

How You Want Customers to Identify Your Makeup Salon

What qualities do you want your customers to be reminded of when your makeup company names come to mind?

Are you the best makeup business for the most artistic makeup, innovative new looks, unique color collections, newest technology, luxurious ambiance?  

Example of Makeup Branding Position:

A trendy makeup artist service for stage professionals and video influencers. Highly trained in film and photo styling. Travels to locations within the Dallas metro area.

Please take a moment to think through these important questions and answer them by drafting your unique branding position as shown in the example above. 

Trust me having this statement will greatly assist you in the next step to naming your makeup business and brainstorming cute and sassy beauty business names. 

Step 2 Brainstorm Name Ideas For Your Makeup Business

Armed with your branding position statement (discussed above) you are now ready to come up with a list of good makeup salon names using my pro brainstorming techniques below. Use some or all of the methods and create a long list of possible name ideas for your business. 

To create your most unique makeup business name, brainstorming is the first order of business.  The best place to start is inside your ideal client’s mind. Who are your target customers for your makeup salon’s services? 

Are they millennials, professionals, executives, busy moms, singles, teenagers, children and families, college students, young professionals, stylish middle-aged women, or men.

Once you have your perfect customer in mind, figuratively step into their shoes. This is important because you want to evaluate your name options through their eyes for the best results. 

Don’t fall into the trap of naive business owners who judge their makeup business name ideas using their own taste. You want to appeal to YOUR customers, not to yourself. 

Example – You own a makeup artist business and are 55 years old, however, your clients are primarily young Moms under 35. The names you like such as Elegant Looks will not appeal to this younger audience who will likely appreciate a hipper, trendier name such as Makeup Spot or Makeup Now. 

Begin your brainstorming by listing words about your services such as makeover, blush, foundation, artistry, foundation, lashes, eyes, etc. Include adjectives that you want to use to describe your beauty approach stunning, glamorous, gorgeous, fresh, chic, natural, trendy, fashionable etc. 

Play around with rhyming names or with words that all have the same starting letters such as Marvelous Makeup or Pretty Place. These types of phrases are unique and easy to remember.

Then continue to the next step where we will review each of these naming ideas against the checklist below to determine which is the absolute name for your new makeup business. 

Review Business Name Lists

Read lists of business name ideas such as these below to get inspiration for your best company name:

Estheticians name ideas
Brow and lash extension name ideas
Beauty Salon Name ideas
List of Nail Manicure Studio Name Ideas

Combine Two Words for One Business Name

Blend personal names of two or more owners into an interesting compound business name.

Name Your Company with Your Personal Name  

Some beauty business owners elect to use their own personal name as their business name.

Generally, I do not recommend naming your business after yourself – except in a few instances.

FYI: Avoid using business owner initials as a business name. Some new entrepreneurs decide to use their initials as their company name. This is not a good idea, because names such as The ABC makeup business (Ann, Betty, and Cathi) is boring, easy to forget, hard to spell, and pronounce. NOT the type of name to become memorable in customer’s minds.

Use Acronyms to Come Up Company Name

An acronym is different from a name made up of owner initials because it creates a new word. 

Some examples; IBM is an initial name (for International Business Machines) which is spoken as each letter separately – I -B- M.

An example acronym name is LEGO (short for Leg Godt – danish for “play well”) and is pronounced as one word.

Use this online tool to brainstorm some creative acronym business names.

Experiment with Wordplay and Funny Puns

Puns are jokes that exploit the different possible meanings of words – a play on words. They can make funny and catchy business names.

Some examples of makeup service name puns;   Fairy Makeup, Daily Makeup, You’ve Got Makeup, Makeup Safe.

Have fun and get business name inspiration with this free Pun Generator tool.

Try Rhymes for a Catchy Business Name

Using a rhyming name can make your brand more memorable such as StubHub and 7-Eleven. 

Business names that rhyme has a musical quality that helps them stand out in customers’ minds. I used this free online rhyme tool to come up with these names for your new makeup business companies:

Cutey Beauty
Beauty Bootie
Zooty Beauty
Fruity Beauty
Snooty Beauty
Beauty On Duty
Yup Makeup
Bang Up Makeup Artist
Heads Up Makeup Artist

Utilize Descriptive Word Phrases for Makeup Business Names

Use keywords that describe your cosmetic products and services and their benefits to create interesting and powerful makeup business names.

Begin with your business type -“makeup artist”. Then create a list of related words such as;

Check out this free online related words tool

Combine these related words with other words such as; your location, name, or specialty makeup service. 

Here are some examples of makeup-related (and geographic) terms company name ideas:

Makeup Charm Artists
Glamour Pots Beauty Artists
Miami Pretty
California Stunning
Rouge Me Up
Powder Puffs of Dallas

Step 3 – Select Your Best Makeup Business Name Checklist  

By following my recommended steps above you will have come up with a long list of good makeup business names. Next comes, the critical phase of evaluating your name ideas and selecting your perfect brand name. 

Use my pro checklist below of important criteria to help you make the best choice.

Checklist to Choose Your Best Makeup Business Name – 9 Important Considerations

Makeup Business Name Generators: Tips for Best Results

If you have not found your perfect makeup business name idea from the list above name ideas, then use these company name generators below. 

Keep reading to get my very best tips on how to use these online tools to create truly unique names for your nail manicure business. 

Shopify business name generator

BNG Business Name Generator

Step 1: Create Cleaning Keyword List

To name your makeup business start by brainstorming to create a list of keywords related to nail services. These are the words that you will enter into the company name generator. 

Remember garbage in – garbage out. This means that the better, more focused, and creative, your keywords inputted into the name generator the better – and more interesting & unique – your salon name ideas will be.

Search Engine 

An easy way to brainstorm keywords is to use Google. Put in your business type (nail manicures, extensions, pedicures, nail art) plus “keywords”. Example – “nail manicures + keywords”. Scroll through keyword pages such as this one and pick-up related words.

I found these makeup-related keywords:


Also try using a thesaurus for your primary service word (nail) for synonyms (words that mean the same thing) I found cosmetics, foundation, balm, cream, touch-up, painted 


Another source of creative keywords is a glossary of nail services terms. I used this one   discovered even more good keywords to input into the name generator including;


Step 2: Generate Makeup Business Names

Experiment by entering various keywords – single and multiple variations – into the makeup business  generator tool to generate creative name ideas.

Check out the ones I created by using my keyword list I wrote in the prior steps.

List of makeup business  Ideas Created With Name Generator Tools

Dewy Fresh Cosmetics
Glitter Glamour
Glitter Boudoir
Contour Luxe Makeup Artists
Vanity Perfected Beauty

Step 3: Review and Edit Names

Now let’s take those names you generated and customize them for your perfect makeup business  by adding your personal name (Sandi, Charles), nickname (Sweetie, Baber) or town name/region (New York, Dallas, Sedona).

Create a shortlist of ones you like. The next step is where we will pick your final name.

Step 4: Select Final Name

The final step in naming your new company is to ask your customers, employees, friends, and family to give their opinions about your name ideas. 

Have a list of 3-4 choices and ask them which they like best and why. Try not to influence them so you get their true opinion. Ask them for any name ideas they can think of. Some of the best names have come from about this way.

Step 5: Trademark Your makeup business 

Congratulations on creating your new business name! Now let’s protect it from your competitors. Register your business name by trademarking it if you like.

Step 6: Reserve Your Company Domain Name

Check to see if your intended name is available as an internet domain name for your website. Use this domain search tool because if your exact name is not available, it will offer many suggested names that are not taken.

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