Making a Living as a Professional Investor

Have you ever entertained the idea of making a living as a professional investor? If so, there’s good news. Becoming a pro is not all about earning a profit by buying and selling stocks and bonds. That’s one way, of course, but there are several other solo career avenues for those who want to invest for a living. Here are some of the full-time jobs you can investigate if this kind of career is of interest to you.

Scalping Cryptocurrency

One of the newer jobs in the niche is cryptocurrency scalping. The technique is based on purchasing medium to large quantities of crypto and selling it as soon as the price rises. The more money you’re willing to risk, the smaller price increase you need to earn a profit. Scalping anything, particularly an asset class as volatile as crypto, comes with as much risk as opportunity. If you’re new to the cryptocurrency universe, be sure to spend at least a month learning how prices move and which currencies you might wish to specialize in. Most scalpers deal in just one or two cryptocurrencies.

Day Trading Stocks

Day trading is one of the most popular for individuals to enter the securities profession. Plus, there are dozens of popular day trading stocks to choose from. What makes them popular is the fact that they are volatile enough for traders to make very fast profits if they can predict the direction of price movements. The other factor that makes this career choice so popular is that entry costs are relatively low. You can sign up for a cash account with a brokerage firm, test out your strategies on a simulator, and be buying and selling within a couple of weeks.

Dealing in Precious Metals

You won’t be directly involved in the securities markets if you become a precious metals dealer, but you’ll need to closely follow the minute-by-minute price action in the metal markets. The largest number of metals dealers who work alone focus on silver and gold bullion. To get started, you’ll need a safe storage location, a good understanding of how fast prices are moving these days, a solid grasp of what affects metals prices, and an inventory of gold and silver for your first few transactions.

Selling Your Stock Picks

Another indirect way to earn a profit from investment acumen is to sell your stock picks to other investors. A quick glance at the many market-centered websites will give you a good idea about how lucrative this field can be. Your job is doing the hard research on specific companies that are potentially attractive targets for investors. Most people who do this kind of work for a part-time or full-time job start out small, create a subscription website, and offer their services for free for a few months.

After building up a base of several hundred subscribers, you can switch the site to a pay-to-play affair and begin earning regular income. A few of these kinds of websites don’t sell individual picks but make their money by offering in-depth research reports on corporations. Consider spending between five and 10 hours writing each report, and then charge users who want to download a digital copy of it.

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