Marketing Strategies to Kickstart Your Start-Up in 2022

If you have recently started your own business, you might be struggling to get it off to the best possible start. There are many things that you need to focus on, and it can be difficult to have your voice heard in a crowded industry. For this reason, you might be looking for some new strategies to kickstart your business and get the ball rolling. But which marketing strategy is best for a new business?

In this guide, we are going to give you some of our best tips for making this happen. Read on to get some expert advice that could kickstart your business.

Try an Exclusive Beta

Exclusivity can be really effective when it comes to launching a new business. Customers want to feel as though they are valued and if they have been invited to try something new that their friends haven’t, they will jump on that chance. By creating a beta version of your website that requires an invite to access, you can create this kind of buzz. This can also be really effective when it comes to testing your website as you’ll get instant feedback before it launches to a wider audience. You can have those who are invited create excitement on their social media channels. Others will be keen to test out your site when it eventually does go live. Make sure to consider this and find the right group to get involved in the beta stage.

Link Building Can Work

Link building is a popular strategy that many start-ups are trying out. In 2022, link building is set to grow even more as businesses both small and large try to increase their influence online and their quantity of backlinks. If you are unfamiliar with link building, you should know that it is the process of adding content to other websites with high authority. This content will link back to your website which will improve your own authority and drive traffic at the same time.

As a start-up, the idea of link building might be completely new to you and it can be quite time-consuming to put in place yourself. To really kickstart your business, you should contact a link agency who can get things set-up right away. They’ll find quality links that drive traffic and get your start-up noticed. Make sure to choose a company with experience in your industry as they will have connections with the right bloggers.

Start A Referral Scheme

Another popular strategy that could work for your start-up is a referral scheme. This is an age-old tactic but it something that is becoming a lot more common these days. Referral schemes work really well for new businesses as they can bring in a lot of new customers. If your product or service is high-value, this can be even more effective.

By asking your existing customers to refer a friend, you will double your traffic and only have to pay a small fee or reward to those who do the referring – easy! Just make sure you offer something of value, otherwise, you won’t get anyone to refer another customer.

Consider Influencer Marketing

If you really want to kickstart your start-up in 2022, you need to consider influencer marketing. This is a strategy that has become extremely effective across a number of industries from beauty to fashion and food. Social networks such as Facebook and Instagram are filled with influencers who have huge follower bases. If you can create a partnership with one of these influencers, you can promote your brand to a large audience right away. Just make sure you choose an influencer within your niche, otherwise, you could find that you are wasting your money. For start-ups with a smaller budget, micro-influencers can be effective in 2022. There are some tools available that can help you find influencers that have a relevant audience to yours.

Create a Challenge

Have you ever considered starting a challenge? Some businesses try to go viral and fail epically as they just don’t create the right type of content. However, challenges can be a quick route to viral content and driving traffic to your website. The challenge needs to be relevant to your brand and be connected in some way. For example, if you were launching a new translation tool, you could challenge customers to translate text faster than your tool can. Sure, you will get some people who can beat your tool, but they will likely boast about it. This will then increase brand awareness to a wider audience. Challenges can also go hand in hand with influencer marketing so make sure to consider this when creating one.

Find a Partner

Often, partnerships with local businesses can help to kickstart a new business. They will already have a customer base and existing audience that you can tap into and start to drive traffic to your site and increase brand awareness. Finding a partner isn’t always easy but if you manage to find the right one, it can be mutually beneficial. If you can, try to create a package that includes a product or service from both businesses. This way, you will both be contributing to the marketing of it and you can kickstart your new business. Charity partnerships can also be quite effective so make sure to consider these.

Get Started

Marketing your new business can be stressful but it can also be fun. You need to make sure that you are putting your time and funds into the right strategies, otherwise, you could be wasting it all. Every business is different and so you need to understand what works with your target audience and what doesn’t. Overall, we believe that link building and referral schemes can be extremely effective for new businesses.

Try to make 2022 the year that your start-up really takes off. If you put these strategies in place now, you can give it the kickstart that it needs to be a success.


Richard Parker is a freelance writer and author at and Readwrite. He covers industry-specific topics such as Seo, small business solutions, entrepreneurship, content marketing, word Press development & web design. You can connect with him at Linkedin , and Google +.

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