4 Ways to Speed Up Newsletter Production

To get the most from your email newsletter, you need to send email to your list on a regular schedule. But coming up with articles and putting it all together takes time. Use these 4 tips to make producing your newsletter faster and easier.

How often do you send email to your newsletter subscriber list? Once or twice a month? Once a quarter? Whenever you get around to it?

To get the maximum benefit from your newsletter, you need to send email to your list on a regular schedule. If your mailings are primarily promotional in nature (i.e., about new products, special sales, etc.) you can send them once or twice a month without annoying your subscribers. But, if you add editorial content to your mailing — articles that your readers will find valuable even if they don’t buy any of the products you promote in the mailing – then you can send your newsletter at least once a week.

“Easier said than done,” you say? You just don’t have the time to write and produce newsletters once a week or can’t think of anything to write about that often, perhaps?

Fortunately both problems are easily overcome. Here are four ways to make it easy to write, edit and email your newsletter to your list on a regular basis.

1) Hire a freelancer writer 

Sure, it’s your company newsletter, but there’s no reason any of it has to be written by you or your staff. A good freelance writer who knows your industry can get the job done quickly and professionally. Depending on your preferences and the deal you cut with the writer, the articles can carry the writer’s byline or go out under your name or the company’s name without attribution to the writer.

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2 ) Invite guest experts to write for you

You’ve probably met a variety of people in your industry who are experts in their field — but don’t directly compete with you. Tap into their knowledge — and stroke their ego — by asking them to write a guest column for you occasionally. In lieu of payment, offer them a link to their web site and short author’s bio at the end of the article.

3) Ask your readers to contribute articles

Readers love to share their experiences, and having them do so, builds up a feeling of community for your newsletter and site. Include a note in one or more newsletters telling them you’d love to hear how they use your products or information, and let them know you may publish some of the best submissions. (Don’t promise to publish everything. Not everything you get will be worth publishing.) When you use a submission, be sure to archive a copy of the newsletter on your website. Then send the reader an email with a link to the archived article. That way the contributor can forward the link to all their friends. If you’ve included a newsletter signup box on the page, those friends may join your mailing list, too.

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4) Hire a freelance editor or virtual assistant to produce the newsletter 

Articles are the only thing you can outsource. You can outsource the production, too. A freelance editor or virtual assistant can stay in contact with your authors and writers to be sure that copy gets in on time, is edited, spell-checked and set up in your newsletter template.

What’s the bottom line?

Once you start publishing your newsletter on a regular basis you should see a number of things happen. Sales and/or website traffic will start to climb. Customers will remember your name and come look at your site when they are ready to make a purchase. They’ll also start to forward their copy of your newsletter to their friends and acquaintances — and that should help build your newsletter list and bring in even more sales.

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