Practical Tricks That Will Come In Handy When Crypto Trading

Before you start trading in crypto, you have to figure out how it works. The tiniest details can matter and help you become better at it. Some of the tricks that pros in the sector use can come in handy to make good returns in crypto trading.

Most of the time, traders can’t figure out these tricks early enough and lose a lot in the process. If you are looking to learn some of these tricks, you can find them here. They will come in handy, and you will find your crypto trading business succeeding.

Have a Motive

When getting into cryptocurrency trading, you need to have a clear motive, which should apply to trades. For example, are you in it to scalp? Every trade you make needs to have a clear purpose.

This will make it easy for you to figure out that, for every win, there’s a loss that comes with it. The idea is simple; if you win, someone else has lost somewhere. This will make it easy for you to accept when you are on the receiving end of losses.

Big whales are the ones that control the trade, and they have the patience to wait it out for small-scale traders to enter a trade from which they’ll profit. For example, due to mistakes, the whales will place thousands of coins in the order books and wait to land their money.

You are times better off staying your ground and not gaining anything than rushing to a particular trade.

Set Target

You need to have targets if you are going to make anything out of crypto trading. Some of the marks you need to have are profits targets and making up for losses. You need to know when to get out of a trade – this is a helpful trick known and stops loss.

This is how the best make it big in their trades with minimum losses. For example, if you are in bitcoin, you need to know when to get out, regardless of if you are making a profit or not. Sticking around longer than expected is a sure way to lose money in crypto trading.


The fear of missing out is real in this market – that’s what FOMO is all about. Most people fear this but still don’t use the fear to their advantage. You need to know when to get into a trade at the right time before it peaks.

It is painful when you see others making a killing in a trade that you know you should have been in and aren’t. That can drive your fear, and you may end up losing trying to catch the next big thing. With that fear, you can get into a wrong trade in the end.

For example, a coin is soaring, and you just missed out by a day; still, you want to get in. This is where you will end up losing money as the value is undoubtedly going to reduce. There will likely be an influx of the coins, and oversupply will lead to losses.

Don’t Buy Because the Price is Low

A mistake most beginners make is to buy any coin they find at a low price. Whether you are a day trader or scalper, that’s a huge mistake you don’t want to make in this trade. Your investments shouldn’t be based on the affordability of a coin.

It would help if you looked more into market cap than anything before you make a trade. You need to set up the same strategy when you are using bots for trading crypto anytime. This will go a long way to ensure that the trades are aligned with the best strategy in the market.


Don’t be one of the loyal traders to a single coin; you need to diversify healthily when you are in the crypto trading business. Being a loyalist will only land you into trouble when the whales start dumping huge chunks of what you have invested into the market.

You are sure to be on the receiving end when it starts to tumble down due to an influx of your coins. You can keep some coins as base assets – like bitcoin, but seek to spread your wings over time.

When you are looking into getting into crypto trading or are already there, you need some tricks. These tricks are the ones that make it easy for you to make a profit out of business. The above schemes can be used regardless if you are a scalper or a day trader.

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