Promote Your Business with Postcards

Don’t overlook postcards for an offline marketing strategy that works.

Many business owners are utilizing the internet to grow their businesses. Technology is marvelous and frankly, I don’t know what I would do without it.

But just because you can implement loads of marketing strategies on-line, it doesn’t mean other methods are obsolete. A fabulous off-line marketing strategy that works is using postcards.

Why a Postcard

  • It’s something tangible you can touch (and keep)
  • It’s a pleasant break from e-mail
  • There’s no envelope so when it arrives in the mail it is seen (and gets seen along the way)

What to Say on Your Postcard

You need a powerful headline that speaks directly to your target audience and creates curiosity to know more. You can include a picture of the product you are offering and/or a picture of you.

Obviously there isn’t a lot of room on a standard size postcard so you’ll want to keep it as simple and clear as possible. If you want a bit more space (and want to make a big impression) you can choose an oversized postcard. Using color is another way to grab attention.

You want to create a focused message and offer only ONE action to take. For example:

  • Call you to schedule a free 20 minute consult
  • Go to your website and get a free report
  • E-mail you to receive a free sample of your product

You can create a series of postcards for one product or service. And you can also create one postcard for each different product or service you offer.

Where to Get Postcards

I have used and have been very pleased with the product and service. Vista Print offers its services in 18 countries and is quite inexpensive.

They offer templates so you can create postcards that look professional. Be sure to sign up for the ‘Exclusive Offers’ on the homepage of the website and you will receive discounted offers and never have to pay full price. You order on-line and the postcards are delivered to your door, really easy.

Of course you can use a local designer and printer, which will probably be a bigger investment.

How to Use Postcards

  • Put a stamp on it and send it in the mail to prospects who have shown an interest in your business.
  • Give it to people you meet in person (instead of a business card).
  • Leave several at places where your ideal clients hang out. For example, I have asked people in my network, whose clients could use my services, to leave my postcards in the reception area of their offices.

How Will I Know If It Works?

Hopefully you know where all of your clients find you (either by asking them directly or asking via your website). Personally, I can tell you that I have attracted clients who found out about me from my postcards.

There’s no reason it can’t work for your business too! You know what to do. Decide what product or service you want to promote, create a postcard with one call to action, and start getting them out there.

Copyright 2008, Stephanie Ward

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