Top 10 Qualities of a Great Administrative Assistant or Secretary

What are the top 10 qualities of a great administrative assistant or secretary? Find out here.

1. Organized and detail oriented.

2. Puts the boss’s and company’s “best foot forward” since he/she will most likely come in contact with clients before the boss does.

3. Always answers the phone and greets visitors with a smile on his/her face and in his/her voice.

4. Has up-to-date skills and the ability to learn new skills and procedures with ease.

5. Knows when to keep his/her mouth shut and when not to. Doesn’t quibble over the small stuff.

6. Listens well and presents solutions rather than dwell on problems.

7. Presents a professional appearance and attitude at all times. Doesn’t bring personal problems to work.

8. Follows through quickly and efficiently with all tasks.

9. Terrific spelling and grammar skills, and knows how to interpret the boss’s hieroglyphics!

10. Remembers the pressures the boss is under and doesn’t bother the boss with every little problem.

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