Remote Work Life: 3 Great Tools and Resources for Remote Businesses

Remote work has given companies and employees the freedom of not being constrained to a 9-5 office environment, and this has been a growing trend in recent years.

In 2020, after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, even more companies found themselves going remote and correspondingly having to rely on remote technologies to keep up with projects and employee progress.

Even now in 2021, the pandemic is still surging in most parts of the world, and the need for remote tools is greater now more than ever before in order to keep businesses operating proficiently.

For a business relying on employees working from home, several tools can be used in order to keep up with progress and track tasks in a real-time setting. Here, in this post, we’ll discuss a few tools that businesses can use to assist remote employees in keeping up with any work-related tasks.


This should seem like common sense, but the fact is that many employees may not have access to a laptop at home. As the digital age has advanced, most people browse the Internet on their smartphones or use a tablet. As such, laptops aren’t as common a feature in the home as in years past.

Ensuring that your employees have the resources they need in order to work from home effectively is the job of an employer. Essentially, if you have a remote business, you can either hire employees upon a stipulation that they have their own equipment at home to use, or you can supply it for them.

Additionally, you can also utilize great deals on laptop rentals for business purposes. This cuts the cost in half of what you’d normally pay if you bought 50 laptops, even at a decent sales price. These rentals are also effective for short-term purposes as well, like conventions and presentations at conferences or training seminars. With this option, you don’t have to break the bank to run your business efficiently.

Project Management Software

If you’ve ever tried to be in 15 different places at once, chances are you failed miserably, as would anyone. But the fact is, when you’re running a business, you basically have to keep your finger on the pulse of the entire company and be involved in all moving parts.

Working in this manner can spread a person very thin, even if you’re one of the best multitaskers on the planet.

Instead of trying to keep up with everything physically (or be in two places at once), you can enlist the help of project management software. This type of software allows you to see all aspects of your business and exchange data with clients, colleagues, and employees all from the convenience of an app.

Not only can you see the running progress of tasks that need to be completed, but you can also display your deadlines, communications, and any other business-related data that you can think of.

Employee Monitoring Software

Though you’d probably like your employees to be grown adults and leave it up to them to keep their progress on track, working from home can be distracting.

When you’re working in an office environment, you have a daily schedule to keep and specific tasks to finish in a given day. However, an employee might decide to take a little free time, goof off a little, run to the store, or anything of the like.

If you’re concerned with productivity issues regarding remote employees, you can enlist the assistance of employee monitoring systems.

Such systems can allow you to log into an employee’s computer remotely, check keystrokes, access the laptop camera, and several other features that may entice your employee to stay on task throughout the day.

Working remotely is quickly becoming a necessary lifestyle, and more prospective employees are seeking remote opportunities. This is especially true for those attending school, working a second job, or for those who want to spend more time with their family and avoid costly childcare.

Enabling yourself and your employees to work efficiently while at home can be easily achieved using modern business tools and technology, and it just might make your life easier as well.


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