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How do you inspire people to work harder, reach higher, and achieve more? How do you get them to support you and go above and beyond in everything they do? How do you get them to care? You show that you care about them.

Nice Managers Get Results
Some years back, a group of researchers studied 16,000 corporate managers. The results surprised many skeptics. They showed that the highest achievers were those who valued people as highly as they valued profits.

Master Your Emotions
Even the best leaders have personal problems at one time or another. In those situations, the most effective leaders reach down inside themselves to find the strength to keep their emotions in check, especially at work.

Listen to Your Inner Voice
When you share your dreams and goals with those close to you — a change of careers, starting a news business, going back to school — you’re very likely to hear a negative response. Don’t let others rain on your parade — instead, go for it!

Engage With Attitude
Have you ever heard the phrase, “Attitude is everything”? Take it to heart, for there’s no such thing as an effective leader with a bad attitude. The best way to engage people is with your attitude, enthusiasm, and excitement.

Caring Energizes Everyone
Caring energizes everyone around you. When you open up and really care about people, you make them feel really good about themselves. This releases the reservoir of positive energy that resides in all of us.

The Power of Positive Action
Don’t be nice to people just because you want something from them. Be positive just to be positive, and watch how your life changes for the better.

Sincere Appreciation Gets Results
One of the deepest needs of our human existence is the need to be appreciated. Each and every one of us absolutely loves to be appreciated for who we are and what we do.

Get Others to Go the Extra Mile
To really energize those around you, you need to not only take a sincere interest in them and what they do, but also Blow Them Away by doing something incredible and unexpected.

Excitement is Contagious
So is passion. If you’re fired up about what you do, chances are that those around you will be, too!

Engage People by Involving Everyone
In today’s hypercompetitive marketplace, you cannot afford to take anyone for granted or leave anyone on the bench. Consider an informal get-together to discuss a key issue or topic. The key is making sure everyone has a voice in making suggestions on how things can be improved.

Leave a Trail of Gratitude
When people really hit one out of the park for you, or even if they do something simple but well-meaning, find a sincere way to express your appreciation.

Give Credit to Others
The best leaders are confident enough to give credit to others when things go right — and to take the blame when things go wrong.

Don’t Let 10 Seconds Ruin Your Day
Whether it is a put-down or a rude driver cutting you off in traffic, do not take it personally. Remember, you are in charge of your emotions!

The Roughest Road Leads to the Top
This is because it’s loaded with new challenges and experiences that enable you to learn, grow, and expand your comfort zone.

Turn Enemies Into Allies
The workplace is too small a place for you to have enemies. They can only sidetrack you from important things. If someone seems to have an axe to grind, find a way to engage that individual informally to find out the problem. That’s better than letting the matter fester and grow worse.

Caring is a Win-Win Proposition
Caring costs nothing, it makes you feel good, and it makes those around you feel good because it releases their reservoirs of positive energy. As a result, not only do people feel compelled to care back, but they use some of this newly released energy to care about those around them.

Capitalize On Moments of Truth
A moment of truth is an opportunity to come through when the people around you don’t expect you to. Think of ways to do this for colleagues and coworkers. You’ll earn the respect of those around you, and the next time you ask one of these people for a favor, you can bet that the answer will be an enthusiastic yes!

The Care and Feeding of Relationships
Personal relationships don’t maintain themselves. Like any other living thing, they need to be fed and cared for if they are going to thrive.

Celebrate Your Success
When you achieve something that is important to you, make sure you don’t let the moment pass without celebrating. Celebrating successes with friends and family recharges your batteries!

Copyright © 2006
Adapted from the new book Revved! by Harry Paul and Ross Reck, Ph.D.
Published by McGraw-Hill;
May 2006;$19.95US/$24.95CAN; 0-07-146500-6

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About the Authors
Coauthor of Fish!, the best-selling book that brought fun and passion back into the workplace, Harry Paul shows the world the positive power of total teamwork. Formerly a senior vice president with the Ken Blanchard Companies, he was a driving force behind the landmark blockbuster, The One Minute Manager Today Paul is an internationally renowned speaker and management trainer.

Bestselling author of The Win-Win Negotiator, Ross Reck, Ph.D., speaks and trains on the transformative power of a positive attitude in the workplace. He brings his motivational message to leading companies around the world.

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