Supercharging Your SEO Through On-SERP

Search engine optimization (SEO) has, of late, been a practice dominated by high-word count and high-quality articles – however, new trends suggest that shorter may soon be better, but perhaps not in the way you think. According to Entrepreneur,  61% of search results are now concluded on the search engine page itself. On search engine results page, or on-SERP results are quickly becoming one of the most relevant metrics for successful SEO. Achieving a good rate is crucial for all growing businesses.

Why on-SERP matters

Search engines are so effective as a marketing tool because they focus on convenience. Speed is a key part of any SEO strategy for this very reason. One Google developer noted a study by the BBC where it was found that they lost 10% of users for every second of page load time. With results instantaneous and accessible, the profile of your business is elevated.

Achieving results

Over half of Google searches are now no-click, according to their research. To latch on to the trend, you need to combine great content and keywords with knowledge panels that will feature highly in the Google ranking. Paired with an already cogent brand and brand voice, this will bring in organic growth and traffic. In the alternative, there is nothing wrong with using sponsored content and off-of-engine advertising to help boost your SEO as it relates to keywords that are being eaten up by on-SERP.

Don’t abandon good quality content

Despite tinkerings with the Google algorithm, the content remains king. As outlined by marketing mag The Drum, visitors don’t want to be bombarded with jargon-laden articles and deprived of quality content; instead, they leave, damaging your SEO. Finding a happy medium, where you can provide information in the ‘knowledge panel’ of your page easily, while also providing insight. Zero-click searches are the future, and a majority of all Google actions already take place without any link being visited. This is a headache for your business SEO, but also a huge opportunity. Putting in the right principles and business changes today will give you the quality content you need to succeed in the near future.

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