Tips For Hiring A Logo Designer

Never underestimate the power of a good logo. It’s a brand’s identity, offering a symbolic representation of what a brand is all about. It’s not just a tag to tack onto products or services. For new brands especially, it’s what captures the attention of potential customers; it’s their first impression of the brand. So it’s crucial, especially in the digital marketing age, to have a stand-out logo that sets you apart from the rest—one that people can easily identify as your brand.

Hiring a great logo designer is important, not just because they’re crafting the symbol of your brand, but because the way they execute your vision will affect your brand even beyond the project. So how do you hire the right logo designer for you?

1. Know Where to Look

There are logo designers everywhere, you just have to know where to seek them out. The safest route is to look up a design agency. These usually have several designers in their roster, so you can choose one that matches your criteria. You can also tap the same network when you need to create other materials for your brand, such as a website, digital marketing posters, etc.

Freelancers are another great option if you’re on a budget or want to take a more hands-on approach. You can find freelance logo designers online or even on social media. That said there are risks to hiring independent workers, especially those outside of reputable freelancing platforms. So you’ll have to be extra discerning when taking this route.

2. Establish a Budget

How much does it cost to hire a logo designer? The answer: it depends. The cost of getting a logo designed can range anywhere from five to a thousand dollars. At different price points, the timeline, quality, and amount of additional services (if any) also changes. For the best results, business owners should be prepared to shell out a value equivalent to what they want out of the project. Establish a budget, then look for the most qualified designers that fit your price point and needs.

3. Ask for a Portfolio

A portfolio is a collection of previous projects that a designer has worked on. You should ask for this from designers you are thinking of hiring because it gives you a look into their creative process and aesthetic, as well as the quality of their designs. It helps you decipher whether or not their style matches your brand’s, so you’ll be able to know up front if their design will fit with your vision.

When looking at a portfolio, you should also consider the uniqueness of a designer’s work. You want your logo to be distinct, so if their portfolio shows you designs that look generic, like something that you’ve seen before, then you might have to pass.

4. Check Testimonials, Reviews, and References

If portfolios show you the output of the designer, then testimonials, reviews, and references give you an idea of how they work with clients. Check what previous employers or clients have said about their experience with the freelancer to see if they have a work ethic that matches yours or what’s needed for the project.

5. Communicate the Vision

The main responsibility of a logo designer is to communicate what a brand is all about in visual form. But that’s hard to do if they do not have a proper feel of the brand. So it’s important to communicate your vision so that the designer can incorporate the same messaging into the logo.

Be as clear as possible. Go beyond just how you want it to look; explain what you want it to symbolize—the meaning that you want to be ingrained into the logo.

6. Explain the Requirements

Hiring a designer, plus them creating a logo, is still a business arrangement. So like any other project, you’ll have to talk about the technical requirements of the job. Explain the needed versions, sizes, formats, along with the specific deliverables you expect, and the timeline.

7. Know the Design Process

Though it might seem simple, the design process doesn’t just involve doodling and coloring. There is a lot of work that goes into it, so be prepared for a lot of back-and-forths when it comes to building the design. To be able to manage expectations, get to know the design process of the designer. Ask what they need to complete the project, how many revisions it might take to get the right logo, etc.

8. Give Feedback

Designing a logo often goes through several layers, from an initial sketch to coloring to the final render. At every step, you should give feedback to properly steer the designer into the direction you’re also working towards. Constant communication helps inform the design and helps to shape it into the final product.


Think of a logo as an investment. Spending a couple of hundred dollars today is cheaper than spending thousands of dollars later to recall products and materials because of a logo redesign. A great logo designer is key to getting a stand-out logo, so it’s important to make the right decision in hiring one.

Written by Sophie Turton.

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