Top 3 Industries Using Vehicle Trackers

Several businesses require the utmost security of their commodities due to import or export transactions. Let’s takes a look at some important industries using vehicle trackers for the growth and safety of their businesses.

1. Truck Industry

The trucking industry can use a GPS vehicle tracking system. This consists of a tracking device that can be placed inside the vehicle with a central server and software that allows the user to track the fleet from headquarters. The device, with the help of software, broadcasts the information regarding the vehicle’s speed, position, and direction of travel. It uses geostationary positioning satellites to gain the information we mentioned above. This information is relayed at regular intervals through the device, say, every two to fifteen minutes, depending on the manufacturer’s and owner’s design and preferences.

Benefits of Vehicle Trackers for Trucking

The main benefit of the trackers is decreased fuel consumption and it matters a lot to trucking companies that have hundreds of trucks out daily traveling many miles.

With the help of fleet tracking, you can monitor your drivers and keep your team accountable to ensure their work efficiency and reduce their overtime.

When you have a tracking system in your truck, it also improves your driver’s safety. It ensures their safety because it offers accountability in the forms of controlled speed, fuel consumption, and the driver’s behavior.

Trackers also improve your customer service. For example, if you are required to send a delivery to a client, the tracking system keeps the drivers alert about the delivery time, and improves their customer satisfaction.

2. Taxi Industry

People want to reach everywhere on time, whether it’s for work or leisure. As a result, ride service companies have become extremely popular, the most well-known being Uber. With their increasing popularity, these companies have also started using tracking systems in their fleets. With these trackers, the taxi companies have benefited in every sense.

Benefits of Tracking for Taxi Companies

Let us take a look at a few of the benefits they gain from the tracking system.

When you have fitted a tracking system in your taxis, you can monitor your employees (drivers) to ensure their productivity stays at high levels.

With the help of trackers, you can provide your customers the accurate time of its arrival at their pickup stops which will avoid unnecessary waiting.

As you can monitor your taxi, you can also locate the nearest cab available to provide service to your clients in their proximity.

When you have information about live traffic, you can guide your employees to take alternate routes to avoid the delay.

You can have increased customer satisfaction which, in turn, increases the profitability of your business.

3. Cargo and Shipping Industry

Cargo and shipping companies have huge deadlines to meet regarding their products and services. This is because big container ships that contain goods must deliver on time, which is getting harder to do. These industries include transportation through air, sea and land.

Benefits of Using Tracking Systems for Shipping

Some of these industries have adopted a tracking system in their fleets and containers in order to to monitor them and ensure the timely delivery of their goods. Here are a few benefits of installing a tracking system in their ships and containers:

  • Gives accurate asset visibility and inventory management.
  • Allows real-time tracking of shipments or equipment.
  • Increases dispatching efficiency.
  • Helps achieve the target in the form of schedule integrity.
  • Timely delivery via fewer delayed and misrouted shipments.
  • Decreased amount of loss.
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