Top Customer Service Improvements You Can Make for Your Business

Return customers often only make up a fraction of your overall sales, and yet, they provide on average 40% of your revenue. They are powerful, and they are loyal. People love to connect with brands that they feel good about and customer service is how you can cultivate and nurture that relationship for years. 

Return customers are more than just repeat buyers. They are word-of-mouth operators. They are everyday influencers. Their value cannot be stressed enough, which is why all businesses must step up their customer service beyond handling complaints. Customer service should not only show up when someone has a problem. You need to make your customers fall in love with you because that is how you turn a one-off sale into a lifelong relationship. 

Determine How You Can Add Value at Low Cost 

Value does not mean monetary when it comes to customer service. The value that your business needs to look into is experience. How can you improve how a customer feels whenever they see you or hear from you, for example? 

You can add this value in a variety of ways. To help you start brainstorming on how you personally can offer more value, here are a few top options to consider.

  1. High-Quality Content 

The first and most obvious way that you can add more value and keep your relationship engaged is through high-quality content. Industry news that they will be interested in, how-to guides, DIY ideas — the list goes on and on. Fashion brands can offer trend spotters, or perhaps they can offer suggestions about how to style your clothes.

Hardware stores or even businesses that offer a service like plumbers can similarly offer value content in this way. DIY videos and tutorials are a great way to hook people in and trust you to handle their tougher jobs. You can even use your content to bring in an additional income stream; for example, if you create high quality tutorial videos that users can access for a small fee. 

  1. Birthday Discounts 

A really easy way to keep customers engaged and buy more often is to offer reward discounts or special gifts. Their birthday is a great time to offer a discount, and similarly if you have a membership system, you can offer something once they have passed a certain milestone. 

  1. Special Membership Benefits 

If you do have a membership option, then make it worthwhile beyond just discounts. Host events that members can attend for free (like secret sales), provide members-only content, payment plan options, and so much more. You want people to not just think that the membership is worthwhile to keep, but to actively recommend your membership to their friends and family. 

  1. Personal Shoppers/Assistants 

Another service you can offer that will add value is a personal assistant or shopper. If customers can easily get in touch with someone on your team, you can then have your sales rep recommend the best product for their needs. If your sales rep can do this fast, you will have a satisfied customer who won’t want to waste time in the future; they will go directly to you. 

Ensure Your Customers Can Get in Touch with You for Free

1-800 numbers are toll-free to your customers and can be easily redirected to whatever number you want. They make it easy and simple for customers to get in touch with you and can actually help you determine how successful a certain ad campaign is through easy tracking measures. 

To track and keep records of the calls for marketing, service, and analytics, you are going to want to go beyond just a 1-800 redirect. Instead, it’s sensible to opt for the full-service option from Kall8. With Kall8 you can keep a call history, enjoy comprehensive analytics, and even keep track of real time call information. 

With an 800 number you can make it easy for customers to get in contact. Also, with a full call service you can use the data from those calls to improve your business. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.  

Make it a Joy to Stay in Touch 

You want your customers to stay in touch because this is how they naturally go from one-time sales to repeat business. Social media and email newsletters are two of the best and most natural ways to do this. Social media, in particular, holds power that not even a great newsletter can compete with, because the entire focus of the platforms is to engage and be social. Just remember to be active online and really engage with your followers and wider community. 

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