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The trend of searching for online video editing services is increasing, as they bring more convenience for users such as no need to install software, and do not occupy computer system capacity.

Some popular video editing software such as Camtasia Studio, Final Cut Pro, Proshow Producer or Sony Vegas Pro are usually quite heavy and perform many software installation steps. From there, switching to online video editing websites will help users a lot. These services provide you with basic or advanced video editing features such as video cutting, adding sound effects, and text. In the article below, we will summarize FIVE online video editing websites that stand out.

  1. FlexClip

    FlexClip brings an excellent online video editing platform. To be able to use the free version of FlexClip, you can register via Facebook or Google account.

    FlexClip allows you to create videos from existing images or video clips and then proceed to edit with a variety of tools. You can add captions, transitions, animations, music, and logos on your video creation. After finishing creating and editing a video, you can download it in your computer and then share it on social networking accounts, or email it to anyone.

  2. Design Wizard – Design Wizard is a really unique content creation tool. Think Canva, Promo and Shutterstock all on the one platform.
    This is what you get :
    An easy-to-use image editor + premium template library
    Free video and image stock website – completely copyright free

  3. Wideo

    First of all, to use the Wideo service, you need to create an account. The video creation topic that Wideo is aiming at is quite diverse, from creating business videos, marketing videos to promotional videos. The template system is quite diverse and free, supporting users to choose to create and edit as they like easily. Video processing speed on Wideo is quite fast, and you can create an unlimited number of videos even with the trial version.

    However, videos with the free version will have the watermark, and the video will be limited to 30 seconds only.

    3. WeVideo

    Like FlexClip, users can register to use WeVideo through Facebook or Google account. This is a cloud video editing service that many people choose to use. You can download videos on Google Drive, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Dropbox or Picasa, and proceed to edit on the service.

    You can choose from 3 video editing modes: School, Work, and Home, especially the ability to edit videos in groups. Videos after creating can be shared on Youtube, Vimeo, or saved on the device.

    4. PowToon

    The theme of creating the video that PowToon aimed at is in vivid animated style. The service provides existing video editing features, or you can use the video itself to create animations and other effects.

    There are many templates available in the service to choose from for use as for study or business.

    5. Loopster

    Similar to WeVideo, Loopster is a cloud video editing site. The service offers basic, easy-to-use video editing features to meet video editing needs of users. Some features of professional video editing will be available in the paid version. Videos created on Loopster free version will be copyrighted.  

Above are five of the professional online video editing services. These services not own not only online video editing features but also add many other customizations or effects to the video. However, each service has its own advantages and disadvantages, so users should choose carefully. Choose a video editing service that suits your needs.

Hope this article was helpful to you!

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