Top Productivity and Fitness Apps for Digital Nomads

A digital nomad is someone who works from another location and also has the liberty to take a trip around the globe while pursuing their job.

Let’s talk about the “digital” part of that. When digital nomads use modern-day innovation to its complete possibility, they can optimize their performance, get even more done as well as achieve their objectives better. Appropriate apps can make your life much easier, assist you to become healthier, maintain your 14,000 tasks and also much more.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most reliable, helpful and also powerful apps that digital nomads ought to be utilizing:


Slack is a fantastic instant messaging device that saves all conversations and enables information to conveniently be looked for if you work in a remote team.

Slack is best for remote groups with participants operating in various time-zones and also in different countries. Groups can establish a team chat and also make it understood when they are on-line– all remarks are quickly saved to ensure that when somebody visits a couple of hrs later, they can see precisely what has actually been reviewed and respond to their colleagues accordingly.

So in brief, we can affirm that as an application, Slack is exceptionally adaptable, which is good. Also, when a web page is loading, you get kind, motivating messages coming from the Slack team. Super charming.

Slack has numerous different bundles in regards to regular monthly memberships etc.


Do you ever come across articles that you know will come in useful for your work in the future? Evernote permits you to clip those articles to an assigned Notebook especially for that subject, enabling you to quickly access all the research study you require when the moment comes.

Basically, Evernote is an on-line organizer, which allows you to collect whatever you need in one area and declutter your life– both literally and online.

A really great function of Evernote for digital nomads is Scannable. This feature can record the paper you possess in a top notch scan that can be saved to your Evernote account or shared when needed– this is excellent for saving a high quality online duplicate of your ticket, travel files, clinical cards etc without needing to carry paper duplicates of all your important files throughout the world with you!


This is a brilliant tool for digital nomads, saving and also managing passwords for a variety of internet sites and also applications in one safe place.

As soon as you register for LastPass and install it on your internet browser, it will capture your login details when you go to a new website. You can then choose your login details from LastPass everytime you return to that site, or have the plugin log you in automatically.

LastPass is very useful for digital nomads that may have a plethora of sites and clients and have to manage several passwords. LastPass makes this much securer and you don’t need to keep using the same password throughout the web.You just need to make sure that your LastPass login details are as strong as possible!

IA Writer

iA Writer is a minimalist, full-screen editor developed to enable you to concentrate solely on your writing. It is a great, straightforward app for any digital nomad that finds it hard to concentrate while writing as it eliminates any distractions from your laptop, enabling you to concentrate just on the words.

This free application works on iPhone, Mac as well as iPad, although the Writer Pro version (paid) does have a couple of more functions such as different typefaces, colours, and process options. This can be really helpful for those who are writing day and night.


Tracking your expenditures is an important part of making the digital nomad way of life lasting, however it can be a bit hard to maintain every single invoice and purchase. However, Expensify makes this job so much easier, allowing you to photograph your invoices and also store them in digital format.

Expensify can likewise track your mileage using your phone’s GPS, so if you are qualified, you can claim reimbursements for things like business trips and so on


Easy & Sweaty is the motif for this HIIT app that states it can get you fit in simply seven mins a day. The exercises are created to utilize nothing more than a wall, a chair and your own body weight, making them suitable for travellers & nomads who are always on the move and have very little spare time. Exercises can be tailored to your physical fitness degree with some 200 workouts within the app to pick from.

You’ll get a personal instructor to give online support, as well as an everyday exercise obstacle is there to motivate and also advise you when you’re thinking of avoiding a day. The community feature keeps you motivated by staying on track with other friends who are also using this app.

Unlike a lot of other fitness apps, Seven does not have a free version or a trial period plan, but subscriptions can be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis, both with auto-renewal.


There are just so many interesting features that come with Noom. In addition to giving eating strategies designed by registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs), Noom permits users to log dishes, accessibility exercise plans as well as track workout, check-out articles, search dishes, set tasks, receive support from a personal health and wellness trainer (note: not RDNs), assess your motivation level, track development, and also get connected with a group of peers with similar goals.

Another feature which a lot of people like about NOOM is that it doesn’t prohibit any type of food. Rather, it urges eating extra nutrient-dense foods (classified green), such as fresh fruit and vegetables, and lessening the sections and/or frequency of yellow-tagged (proteins, starches) and also red-tagged foods (the latter being pizza, candy, alcohol, and so on).

Essentially, Noom provides a lot of whistles as well as bells not readily available with lots of various other weight-loss approaches. You can read some interesting testimonials about Noom on this page

Freeletics Bodyweight

This app is all about going harder, quicker as well as more powerful. There are more than 900 workouts available in the app, varying from 10 to 30 minutes in length and all making use of only your bodyweight– best for when you can’t access workout machines and tools.

The preliminary download is cost-free, yet if you want something extra customised, there’s a paid membership readily available called “The Coach” that offers you a personal virtual trainer and also training plan based upon a physical fitness test as well as your selection of goals: reducing weight, constructing muscle mass or boosting general physical fitness.

You can also add close friends, track their progress and also send distinctions within the application.


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