Which is The Best Platform for Mobile Startups – Android or iOS?

The supreme thought that mobile application development companies or startups are struck with is the decision of choosing the right platform to develop their app. Android or iOS? Which one will benefit your startup? The answer to your bewilderment lies here in this article. We have drafted a handful guide for all the startups who are still confused to choose either Android or iOS as the developing platform for their apps. By the end of this article, you will get some meaningful factors to take into consideration while making your ultimate choice.

Where Android targets a larger number of users, iOS users are generic in developed nations as people here spend more on luxuriant devices or apps. So affluent people of Canada, Britain, and the US won’t hesitate of a worthy paid app. But that’s not enough, there are some more points to focus on.

Remember, the choice or preference of your startup will be independent of any others’ views or choices. So, it is essential that you take your decisions solely by yourself or with the assistance of a trusted development partner. Go through this article and ponder on the points which must be paid heed for the selection of your platform for mobile app development.

  1. Audience

Did you know that across 75% of the global division is dominated by Android? Android is more preferred by lower or middle-class income categories whereas the higher class admires iPhones. Therefore it is necessary to make clearance of the fact that iOS is preferably popular in developed regions such as Northern America, Europe while developing regions prefer Android over iOS. Youngsters prioritize iOS for style and their happiness.

Hence the age group, the income, the capabilities of expenditure, the geographical locations are some of the factors which you may consider before choosing the appropriate platform.

  1. Complexity and Development Time

The longer the duration for the mobile app development, the more money it will cost. Also, iOS is bogged down to some specific screen sizes whereas Android devices have various screen sizes. For this reason Android no doubt requires a lot more time than iOS.

If we talk about the approval and release time, Android stays on the winning side. Android apps take a minimum of one day to get their approval. iOS, on the other hand, may take up to 3 weeks for its live functioning and approval.

  1. Market Revenue

The revenue that will be generated for the startup is a matter of prior concern. In-app purchase revenue without any doubt is much more in case of iOS app development but due to larger user-base, Android application is also able to indemnify it all.

Apart from this, the Play Store still has a long way to go to match the App store’s standard.

  1. Fragmentation

If we talk about fragmentation in various devices, Android has an edge over iOS. Also, If your startup targets on huge masses without targeting any concentrated group of users, choosing an Android platform is a wiser choice. 

  1. Ease in Development and Designing

The ease to develop or design depends more on the skills of the developers of the mobile app development companies. When it comes to designing, almost both of the platforms require the same amount of effort.  As a startup, you can go for a skilful development partner. If you choose a partner which specializes in both the platforms then the platform will not be of many issues.

  1. Budget

As a startup, it is essential to always take note of the startup’s budget and at the same time look after the limited timeframes. Android uses much more time and also money for development. If the work has to be done within a short time and limited availability of money, iOS must be your choice. 

  • When should your Startup choose an Android platform?

So as a startup when should you choose Android for development? Ask yourself, does your target audience specify some particular location? If the answer to this is No, without any doubt opt for Android development. 

If your app is designed for global users, android development can be preferred. If you require varying hardware capabilities with a highly customizable and personalized experience, Android is just perfect. Many prominent people shift from iPhone to Android because of the fact that Android’s connection to the Google ecosystem of services is stronger than Apple’s cloud services.

  • When should your Startup choose an iOS platform?

For fewer fragmentations in devices coupled with eccentricity in the features or the size, it is advisable to go for an iOS platform. These requirements can be better fulfilled by iOS and in turn, an enriching user-experience can be assured.

For speedy and quicker development, iOS is best suited as without worrying about compatibility on multiple devices you can build your app. Mobile app development services using iOS can generate more revenues and hence investing in an iOS platform can bring great advantages.


iOS has its fans owing to its rich features, great innovations and lesser complexity. At the same time, Android with its larger user-base has maintained itself very well in the race making it difficult for a startup to choose between them. Android regular version updates increase the chances of more bugs. iOS has fewer bugs as compared to Android due to less new versions and code writing.

Both platforms have their own pros and cons. There is no formula which can suit a majority of startups. Your needs are specific and unique. The platform which you choose will depend much on your startup’s need, finance and the audience which your startup targets.

As a startup, if you lack technical expertise it is always a wise decision to take advice from development partners. Top mobile app development companies build their trust on their development partners to help them pave their way through this mysterious choice and other technical factors between Android and iOS. 

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